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Jessica is a resident of Brooklyn, NY.  She graduated from Bishop
Kearney High School in 2005.  She is a senior at the University of
Scranton; graduating in May with a B.S. degree in psychology.  She
intends to continue her studies in graduate school, pursuing a degree 
in school psychology.  Her interests include research, working on the
school programming board, and other campus activities. 
Her main decision to pursue undergraduate research was due to an interest in
environmental conservation and a desire to experience and fully
understand research.  It has been a great learning experience.  
Research can open the door to many new and exciting discoveries; it’s
great to be a part of that.  She is currently waiting for feedback based
on a survey that targets the professional opinion of energy conservation
experts.  The main purpose of the survey is to discover the
effectiveness of certain environmental messages.  

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