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Jill Hession

Major: Psychology

Minor: Criminal Justice

Age: 21

Year: Senior

Hometown: Babylon, NY

School Activites:  Besides my involement in research I am also involved with the Psychology Club, APSSC, Scranton Justice Club, Habitat for Humanity, and Intramural Sports.

Future Plans: After obtaining my bacholers degree in psychology I plan to continue my education with graduate school.  I hope to get my PhD in Social Psychology, with an emphasis in law and work as a legal consultant.

Why I decided to do research:  The reason I took an interest in the Conservation Psychology Lab is because it combines some of the strong interests I have both in psychology, and life in general. I believe that environmental conservation is an important topic to the field of psychology.  I am hoping that doing research with the Conservatuon Psychology Lab will help spread concern for the environment.

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