Dr. Jessica M. Nolan

Dr. Jessica M. Nolan

Courses Taught:

Fundamentals of Psychology (PSYC 110)
Social Psychology (PSYC 220)
Statistics (PSYC 210)
Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PSYC 236)
Environmental and Conservation Psychology (PSYC 239)
Psychology of Diversity (PSYC 364) 

Research Interests:

The focus of my research is on the application of psychological tools and principles to understand and solve environmental problems. I have studied the effects of normative social influence on various environmental behaviors, including energy conservation and household recycling. I am also interested in informal systems of social control, including how and when people are willing to impose social sanctions, as well as how government regulations (formal sanctioning systems) influence informal systems of social control and the general culture surrounding a given environmental behavior.  Specific information about current research projects can be found on the Conservation Psychology Lab homepage.

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