Competency Checklist

The primary purpose of the Low Vision Rehabilitation Competency Checklist is to provide the fieldwork educator and fieldwork student with the basic competencies required for a student on specialty fieldwork in low vision rehabilitation. A copy of the form should be kept by the fieldwork educator to use as a guide during the fieldwork experience. The fieldwork educator should also provide a copy of the checklist to the student at the beginning of the placement. This checklist will enable the student to track the competencies that are required and achieved in order to meet entry-level practice for this specialty practice area.

It is recommended that the site share this checklist with the affiliated occupational therapy programs which assign students to the site. This checklist will allow the program to know the expectations for the students who are assigned to the fieldwork site. Categories of the checklist include: evaluation, intervention, communication, and documentation. Within the category of evaluation the following areas are addressed: eye dominance, visual acuity, visual fields, contrast sensitivity function, oculomotor function, visual attention, reading performance, writing, scotoma awareness, the home environment, performance areas, and client and contextual factors. The area of intervention includes: modifying the task and environment and contexts, safety issues, adaptive equipment and devices, preferred retinal locus (PRL) training, use of optical devices, visual strategies, non-visual strategies, and travel in the home and property. Communication includes interactions with the professional team, client(s) and significant other(s), and third party payers. Documentation includes: evaluation, treatment sessions, home program, plan of care, discharge note, billing, and referrals.

The fieldwork educator should document and verify competencies as they are met. Similar to providing feedback about student’s achievement of site-specific objectives, the supervisor should provide ongoing feedback to the student about his/her competency development. The fieldwork educator should formally review the competency check-list during the mid-term evaluation and again at the final evaluation. This checklist will assist in providing the student with feedback on competencies that are intended to be met prior to completing the fieldwork placement, dependent upon the available learning opportunities according to the client/patient caseload services. This checklist is designed to serve as a tool to document the foundational competencies achieved during Level II fieldwork, along with competencies for continued professional growth and skill development.

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