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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give back when I'm still attending the University?

  • You should give back to the University to show your appreciation for your experiences and to add value to your degree when you are graduated and pursuing a career. You can help make an instant impact on another student's experience at the University.

I did not receive any financial aid or scholarships from the University. Why should I give back to students who did?

  • Many alumni give back in small amounts and in large amounts and without their help and support, everyone's tuition would be much higher than it is currently. A portion of this support is used to keep tuition from rising. You may not have received any extra funding from the University, but the support of alumni has made it possible for you to attend the University.

The tuition to attend the University is still really high. Where does my tuition go?

  • Last year alone it cost $193,081,486 to run the University. That includes bills, utilities, faculty and staff salaries, campus maintenance, and extra curricular equipment. It takes more money to operate the University than its endowment is worth. The University can only use a small amount of its endowment every year. The rest of the money comes from your tuition.

How many students that attend The University receive some sort of financial aid?

  • 82% of all students and 95% of freshman attending The University of Scranton receive some sort of financial aid. 

Who gives back to the University?

  • Alumni, parents, current students, and faculty and staff all give back. Last year, faculty and staff donated a total of $40,000 to the University.

Where does the money donated by alumni and friends of the University go towards?

  • It goes towards The Royal Fund which supports clubs, organizations, sports teams, financial aid, scholarships, keeping the tuition from rising, and funding building projects. Tuition only covers 78% of the cost to attend the University. The rest comes from fundraising and support from alumni and friends.

What did The Royal Fund do last year?

  • Through The Royal Fund, we raised $2.1 million and supplied 13 students with Textbook Scholarships. This year, we are planning to raise enough for 17 Textbook Scholarships.

I understand your organization plans many events. Are they only for students?

  • Anybody can participate in our events! Although our events are mainly targeted toward the student body, all are welcome to join in the fun. Besides, what kind of organization would turn away help for such a good cause? 

How do you decide which students receive the textbook scholarships?

  • A  few factors play when it comes to awarding the scholarships. The candidate must be an incoming freshman. Beyond that requirement, an outstanding need for aid must be present, or sudden circumstances have arisen that threaten the student's ability to remain enrolled at Scranton .

Is financial support the only way to help?

  • Not at all! Financial aid is one way to help, but other opportunities exist as well. Throughout the semester, we will need volunteer assistance at most of our events. The need for volunteers is always high.
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