Meet Our Callers

Meet Our Callers

We are a team of 50 current University of Scranton students who spend our weekday evenings and Sunday afternoons reaching out to fellow Royals, like you. Although we represent many different academic majors, diverse cultural backgrounds, an assortment of fun-loving personalities, and an ecclectic mix of style and musical preferences, together we have one thing in common: We all love Scranton!

  • Why We're Callingplus or minus

    To engage alumni and parents in upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, such as Alumni Weekend.

    To inform those of you who are not here on campus with us about new building projects, plans for the future, University news and academic achievements.

    To inspire all members of the University community, near and far, to make a contribution that will support students like us and the future of the University we all love.

    To say thank you to the generous supporters who continue to make a difference each year.

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  • Fun Facts and Caller Achievementsplus or minus

    University President Kevin P. Quinn, S.J., visited the calling room last spring and surprised prospects by getting on the phone.

    Callers earn "Iggy Bucks" for reaching goals, completing special projects, and exceeding expectations (as Royal callers often do).

    The current record for the longest conversation ever held between a Royal caller and a donor was over an hour and fifteen minutes long.

    In their spare time, this year's callers can be found participating in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including the acapella group, ISP, the dance team, intramural sports and varsity sports, Chapman Lake retreats, and SJLA--to name a few.

    Each year, ten callers attend Alumni Weekend as reunion class ambassadors!

    Four student-callers speak more than one language fluently.

    Collectively the calling team performs at least 200 hours of community service each year through internships, the Leahy clinic, or local organizations.  

    The single largest pledge ever secured by a caller was $10,000. (If you're interested in topping that, let us know!)

  • Caller of the Monthplus or minus

    Our October Caller of the Month was Natalie Rossi, '17 who is an Occupational Therapy major here at the University.

    Natalie had the most credit card gifts of any individual caller with 8 total!

    For the month of October as a team we raised almost $20,000 for The University of Scranton.

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