General Education Assessment


Following St. Ignatius of Loyola’s directive to “find God in all things, the University of Scranton understands General Education to be the foundation for the spiritual development and character formation of its students. Founded on Catholic and Jesuit principles of liberal education, the curriculum aims to integrate the intellectual, spiritual and moral aspects of learning to provide our students with a transformational experience that will aid them in rising to the challenge of engaging in the service of faith and the promotion of justice. General Education assessment activities are conducted by faculty in various disciplines, and coordinated by the Office of Educational Assessment.

General Education Information

Please excuse our appearance as this website is being updated with new General Education Assessment Plan and Results information!

Click here to view the University of Scranton's general education learning outcomes.

These are further reinforced for all students in the University's institutional learning outcomes, the first and second of which directly addresses general education competencies:

ILO1: Oral and written communication, scientific and quantitative reasoning, critical analysis and reasoning, and technological competency and information literacy
ILO2: Broad knowledge of the human condition, understanding the world in its physical and natural aspects, the philosophical and theological basis for modern thought, faith, and belief

In addition to GE assessment activities outlined in the Comprehensive Plan, the Weinberg Memorial Library's faculty play an important part in the assessment of information literacy. Visit the Library's web site to learn more, and view reports on recent assessments. 

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