Commuter Programs


Wake Up Scranton!  & Snack Attack Coffee Hours:

Since commuting to school usually begins with an early morning alarm, we've decided to combine two commuter student staples...coffee and conversation! Get your morning caffeine by joining us for coffee and breakfast goodies once a month on the Second Floor of The DeNaples Center in the Fireplace Lounge. 


Commuter Topic Luncheons/Dinners

Commuter students spend many hours on campus, whether it be just going to classes or waiting for your next class to begin, so in your free time throughout the day, why not attend a topic luncheon/dinner. At this event, commuter students are made aware of services and departments that the University provides for its students such as Study Abroad, Career Development, staying healthy on the go, and Resume Workshops. Collaboration with other clubs on campus are also part of the Commuter Topic Luncheon/Dinner series so that students are made aware of other ways to get involved on campus. Best of all students who attend receive a free meal! It’s a great opportunity once a month for students hang out with friends, receive a free meal, and learn something new about the University!


Meet-Up Events!

The Commuter Student Association (CSA) is promoting a new kind of event on campus called “Meet-ups.” For these meet up events, students meet 15 minutes before an event going on campus in the Fireplace Lounge (TDC 2nd Floor) then attend the event together. These meet up events not only support current events happening on campus, but also allow students to attend events on campus with friends!


Commuter Day the Royal Way

Commuter Day the Royal Way is an afternoon event for incoming commuter students to help better orient themselves to The University of Scranton before they attend classes in the fall. It's a chance for new students to meet other commuter students, get a personalized tour of campus, take part in a jeopardy game or scavenger hunt, and receive information that older commuter students have said was important. Best of all, this event is run by commuter student leaders from The Commuter Student Association (CSA), therefore any questions or concerns you may have can be addressed to them. Student who attend the event even receive a "Commuter Survival Guide" that conains information about parking, hang out spots on campus, places to print, and more!


Commuter in Residence Program

Looking for a home away from home? Want to meet students that live on campus? Look no further! The Commuter in Residence Program is a great way to meet new people and become part of the on-campus community! Each commuter participant is paired with a floor in a residence hall, becoming an honorary member of that floor. As such, commuter participants are included in floor programs and are given access to the lounge spaces. This opportunity is for first year commuter students only.


To sign up or learn about the program contact res-life@scranton.edu 

or call (570) 941-6226.