Staff Holiday Calendar and Policy

Holiday Pay and Time Off Policy

The Holiday Pay and Time-off Policy  established procedures and guidance for staff, Human Resources, supervisors, and Payroll in regards to nonexempt staff working holidays, both federal holidays and University holidays.  This policy outlines the pay parameters for nonexempt employees who work on a holiday.  This policy also outlines the parameters for nonexempt employees who elect to bank awarded holiday hours versus payment for awarded hours.

The purpose of the Holiday Pay and Time-off Policy is to provide procedures to follow for multiple working situations for nonexempt employees working on holidays.  Specific pay rules are in place for nonexempt employees who work on holidays, and this policy will establish the procedures to follow in each situation.

The intent of the option of banking holiday hours is to allow employees to take time away from work.  This option is not intended to bank hours for a later payout.

HR-04-003- Holiday Pay and Time-off Policy

Staff Holiday Calendar

The University of Scranton provides a generous number of paid holidays for full time staff.  Part time staff are eligible for holiday pay should the holiday fall on the staff members regularly scheduled work day.  The holiday schedule will be distributed prior to the beginning of each fiscal year.