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Get Involved

  1. Take the confidential online health assessment and earn $50.
  2. Visit your physician or talk to your Blue Health Solutions Health Coach twice and earn $50.
  3. Participate in Wellness Events on or off campus and earn points towards the $50 participation pillar. 

Why Wellness?

Did you know that many chronic diseases can be eliminated or reduced by making small lifestyle changes? Just by eating better, learning to manage our stress and doing moderate activity on most days of the week, we can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases and increase our quality of life.

Too Busy for Wellness?

Days are hectic with work and our other commitments.  Make  some small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further from the office, eating more whole grains and less processed foods to enhance your health and wellness.  Try to fit in some lunchtime hoops or a gentle yoga class sometimes. 

2014 Healthy Workplace Award in Continuing Excellence Recipient

2008 Healthy Workplace Award Recipient