Welcome To

Health Administration & Human Resources Department


Welcome to the Department of Health Administration and Human Resources (DHA/HR) at The University of Scranton. This is an exciting time for students, alumni, faculty, preceptors and friends of our undergraduate and graduate programs. Efforts have been made to develop and implement a new online graduate Human Resource degree. Changes are constantly being made to the curriculum and courses in order to provide the highest quality education for our students. The department uses external standards to improve learning processes and to create an up-to-date learning environment in all our programs of study. Consistent with our vision to prepare students for their profession, all of our faculty stress meaningful service to the community and encourage a process of life-long learning and personal growth. Faculty encourage students to become members of professional organizations and actively participate in student organizations on campus.

As a Jesuit University, we adhere to significant values and activities that are consistent with our mission and vision. For example, the DHA/HR faculty and staff recognize the importance of respecting the dignity of each individual, creating a positive learning environment, embracing diversity, encouraging innovation and change, disseminating new knowledge and improved practices, and having faculty who serve as positive role models for students through networking, mentoring, advising, coaching, teaching and scholarship. We have excellent adjunct faculty who bring applied experiences into the classroom and serve as preceptors for fieldwork.

We have four excellent program director's who strive for academic excellence and support competency-based education. All faculty seek to improve their skills through continuing education, scholarship and involvement with professional organizations. We believe that the DHA/HR provides a learning environment that integrates theory and practice, supports the importance of reflection and discernment, encourages interdisciplinary teamwork, and teaches students to look for opportunities to improve the quality of life for others. In all of our programs, you will find faculty who encourage interaction with the professional community and provide classroom assignments that are practical, real-world oriented, and integral to competency development. Faculty encourage students to develop research ideas, participate in study abroad opportunities, attend national events, and expand learning opportunities throughout their studies.

Finally, all faculty, staff, preceptors, alumni, fellow students and friends of the DHA/HR work together to provide a high quality and positive learning culture. We want our students and graduates to be prepared for their careers and to make significant differences in the lives of those they serve. We believe education provides new knowledge that enables all of us to undertake efforts to address complex issues and problems confronting our world today. Our willingness to live in a global village and contribute in a meaningful way to build a better world is highly consistent with the mission, vision and values in the department. The following quotation is very helpful and worthy of reflection as we prepare for our future:


Luke 12:48

Once again, we welcome you to the DHA/HR and look forward to your positive contributions to our future success and development as a team devoted to helping others.

Dr. Daniel J. West, Jr.

Professor and Chairman