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About the College

The J. A. Panuska College of Professional Studies prepares students in a wide range of professions. The College has been designed with the conviction that all disciplines should be taught and understood through a balance of theory and practice. Panuska College students receive exemplary preparation for the profession of their choice and a solid education in the liberal arts and sciences.


Leahy Hall photo

Leahy Hall

The University of Scranton has developed into a 21st century living and learning environment.  As a result, the facilities at Panuska College of Professional Studies have been designed with the conviction that all disciplines should be taught and understood through a balance of theory and practice. 

Our newest building, Leahy Hall, is designed to facilitate research, expand service-learning projects, and put the best simulation environments, applied-science laboratories, equipment and technology directly in the hands of students and faculty.

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McGurrin Hall

McGurrin Hall was constructed in 1998 as a home for the University's Panuska College of Professional Studies. It is adjacent to Leahy Hall.

McGurrin's four stories include classrooms, laboratories, teaching instruction labs, and counseling suites as well as the academic advising center and administrative offices.

PCPS Students’ Blogs, Essays and Reflections photo

PCPS Students’ Blogs, Essays and Reflections

"Initially, I struggled to wholly embrace this experience. I could not figure out how to reconcile my feelings of excitement and apprehensiveness. However, with time and further reflection, I began to identify the complexity behind the thoughts and feelings I had. For the majority of humankind, death is difficult. Death seems unnatural. Yet, with introspection, one can recognize death is precisely the definition of natural. Death is the imminent conclusion to life; ergo, there is nothing about it that should appear abnormal."  -Courtney Hayashi, Occupational Therapy undergraduate student

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Field and Clinical Sites

PCPS students gain real-world experience working at various field sites throughout the region.  PCPS provides these professionals-in-training with practical and skills-oriented instruction under the supervision of a University supervisor and/or skilled practitioner currently working at our various University-affiliated field sites.

Engaged: Walking in Faith & Justice photo

Engaged: Walking in Faith & Justice

Individual and community responsibility to connect theory and practice in a professional manner by “walking in faith and justice”

Integrated: Knowledge, Theory, & Skills photo

Integrated: Knowledge, Theory, & Skills

Development of knowledge, theory and skills through the integration of transformative and innovative pedagogies.

Global: Scholarship, Service & Stewardship photo

Global: Scholarship, Service & Stewardship

Continuous improvement and assessment of our curriculum in a global society that includes scholarship, service and stewardship.

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What's Up in PCPS?

2017 PCPS Award Winners- there were many students honored at the 2017 PCPS awards ceremony.


“The Panuska College of Professional Studies provides a dynamic learning community that upholds the Jesuit ideal of using knowledge in the service of society. In our undergraduate and graduate programs, PCPS students engage in reflective practice, drawing upon what they have learned by linking theory to practice.  I invite you to learn more about PCPS-our students, faculty, staff and alumni are committed to being “men and women for and with others” in order to serve today’s world as well as transform tomorrow into possibilities.”

Debra Pellegrino, Academic Dean of PCPS

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Dr. Debra A. Pellegrino

Academic Dean of PCPS
Leahy Hall, Room 227
The University of Scranton
800 Linden Street
Scranton, PA 18510
Phone: 570-941-6305