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World Languages and Cultures

The program of the World Languages and Cultures Department is designed to enable students to read, write, speak and comprehend one or more foreign languages; to think and express themselves logically, precisely and critically in one or more foreign languages; to acquire skills in literary criticism by reading representative foreign authors; to gain insight into the evolution of the culture and civilization of foreign peoples as reflected in their literature.

The Bachelor of Arts program in Classical Language gives students a solid foundation in Latin and Greek to engender an appreciation of the liberal aspects of Classical Studies. Classics majors are encouraged to take their junior year abroad at Loyola University's Rome Center of Liberal Arts with which The University of Scranton is affiliated.

World Languages and Cultures majors and students pursuing teaching certification must complete 36 credits in one language beginning with the intermediate level if it is modern, and the elementary level if it is classical. Modern Language majors normally take at least 12 credits in a second language, either modern or classical, as their cognate. A double major may be pursued by taking 36 credits in one language, beginning with the intermediate or elementary level, and by satisfying the major and cognate requirements of another department. The placement of students at a particular foreign-language level is the responsibility of the chair-person.

The department urges students to study abroad during their junior year. In addition, it strongly recommends that students who spend the entire junior year abroad plan their studies carefully, so that they will be able to take at least one course per semester in their major language during the senior year.

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