Research - The department has over 1100 feet of research space including computer-based laboratories for biopsychology, health psychology, information processing, psycholinguistic, and social psychology research.  Environmentally-controlled animal facilities wet and dry laboratories for neuroscience research are housed in the science building.

Computers - The department is at the forefront of computer applications.  We have over 48 Pentium-based computers connected through a high speed network to the University’s main computer, laser and color printers, and other input/output devices.  This network allows ready access to word-processing, statistical packages, computer-assisted instruction, graphics, data analysis, library, research applications, the Internet and the World Wide Web.  The department’s computer facilities include a computer laboratory equipped with 12 stations, a cognitive/perception computer simulation laboratory, information processing research laboratory, and a social psychology research laboratory.  Also included on the psychology floor are two full mediated classrooms and one fully mediated seminar room with an additional 11 laptop computers.