Recent Graduate Program Admissions

Recent University of Scranton Psychology graduates are attending graduate school at:

Adelphi University, MS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2016)

Alfred University, MS School Psychology (2014)

Binghamton University, MSW Social Work (2014)

Bucknell University, MS (2015)

Caldwell University, MA, Mental Health Counseling (2016)

Chestnut Hill College, MA Clinical Psychology (2014)

Cleveland State University, MA/Consumer & Industrial Psychology (2012)

Columbia University, Ed.M. School Psychology (2014)

Duquesne Law School, Law (2012)

Fordham University, MA School Psychology (2013), MS Clinical Research Methodology (2016)

Georgian Court University, MS, CAGS/NASP-Certified School (2013)

Immaculata University, School Counseling (2012)

LaSalle University, Pre-Speech Language Pathology (2014)

Loyola of Maryland, MS Psychology (2014) (2015)

Marymount University, MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2014)

Marywood University, Psychology (2012), MA Mental Health Counseling (2013), MA Psychology (2013)

Montclair State University, Counseling (2012), Certificate (2013), MS, I/O Psychology (2015)

New York Institute of Technology, MA, School Counseling (2016)

Northampton Community College, Funeral Directing (2013)

Penn State University, Educational Psychology/Psychometrics (2012), MS Communication Sciences (2014), MA Counseling (2016)

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, MS and LPC/Mental Health Counseling (2014), MS (2015), MS Physician Assistant (2016)

Queens College, MS School Psychology (2013)

Rutgers University, School Psychology (2012), MS (2015)

Sacred Heart University, MS Occupational Therapy (2014)

Silberman School of Social Work, MSW Social Work (2013)

Spalding University, PsyD Psychology (2014)

Teachers College Columbia University, MS, School Psychology (2016)

Towson University, School Psychology (2012)

University of Baltimore, MS Industrial Organizational (2014)

University of Minnesota, PhD School of Psychology (2013)

University of Limerick, Ireland, MS/Work and Organizational Psychology (2013)

University of Pennsylvania, MS Criminology (2014)

University of Scranton, MS Community Counseling (2012), MS Secondary Education (2013), MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2013) (2014), MS Counseling (2014)

University of Southern California, MA Occupational Therapy (2013)

University of Tennessee, MS/Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2012)

University of Vermont, Post-Bachelor Pre-Med (2012)

Urban Teacher Center, M.Ed. Secondary Education and Special (2014)

Villanova, MS Psychology (2015)

West Chester University, MA, Industrial/Organizational Psychology (2016), MA, Psychology (2016)

William Paterson University, MED Professional Counseling (2013)