Physics Students with Solar Panel

Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering

The mission of The University of Scranton’s Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering is to prepare our students for professional excellence, responsible citizenship, and service to society through education.  That education will be unexcelled in quality of instruction and content, employing the latest in laboratory, simulation and modeling techniques, with emphasis on active and applied learning.  The learning experience will be personally focused on the needs of each student, centered on core liberal studies consistent with Jesuit principles of higher education.  Our programs in Physics, Biophysics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics Business and Pre-Engineering are supported by dedicated faculty and staff who engage students on a day-to-day basis, in and outside of the formal classroom.   

These programs open up a wide range of employment opportunities, including challenging and rewarding careers in such diverse fields as biomedical instrumentation, health physics, semiconductor fabrication, pharmaceutical manufacturing, secondary education-physics/mathematics, medicine, patent law, defense, and national space programs.
We provide a blend of rigorous academics, project-based learning, and values-based education to nurture students of competence, conscience and compassion into the leaders of tomorrow who are ready to face the technical and ethical challenges of the future.

Annual surveys of the University's newly minted graduates regularly show that our engineering graduates earn higher average starting salaries than any other undergraduate major.  This is a testament to our society's need for and confidence in the skills that our students have developed in their four years with us.