Report Highlights Economic Impact of New Center for Rehabilitation Education


The University’s center for rehabilitation education will have a significant economic impact on the region, according to a new report completed by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance.

The report provides an overview of the impact made as a result of the construction and engineering expenses related to the building and its operation. The NEPA Alliance uses IMPLAN,, or Impact Analysis for Planning, a software package that was developed by the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota and the U.S. Forest Service Land Management Planning Unit in Fort Collins, Colorado. The model determines estimated direct, indirect (supplier) and induced (household spending) impacts in terms of the number of jobs, personal income and output, or economic activity.

Some of the key highlights of the data, based on construction and engineering expenses include:

  • Output or economic activity: $87.7 million
  • Labor income: $36.1 million
  • Value added: $44.5 million
  • $6.6 million in federal taxes and an estimated $3.1 million in state and local taxes
  • Employment: 322 jobs in 2013, 657 jobs in 2014 and 504 jobs in 2015.

To view the full report click here.