On Campus Resources

Campus Ministry


We invite members of the entire University community to join us in reflection, celebration and service as we work together in a variety of ways to promote justice, to revere life in all its diversity and to grow closer to God. At our daily and Sunday liturgies, and special campus-wide liturgical celebrations, students, faculty and staff minister to each other as musicians, readers, Eucharistic ministers and ministers of hospitality.


You may choose attend one of a variety of popular weekend retreats at our beautiful and peaceful Conference and Retreat Center at Chapman Lake. Through many service opportunities you can help those in need and learn more about yourself through the experience. This invitation is extended to everyone—to those who are not Catholic or Christian as well. Take a look at some of the possibilities! 




Student Health Services


It is to be expected that students will come to Student Health Services for treatment of illness or injury. However, each member of the staff of Student Health Services is committed to promoting student learning and personal development within the multiple dimensions of wellness including social, intellectual, career, emotional, spiritual as well as physical.  


We invite you to come to Student Health Services to explore any aspect of your well being. Our services include provision of information and referral to other departments within The University or greater Scranton community to insure that you receive the assistance you need. 


Homepage: http://academic.scranton.edu/department/healthsvs/


Center for Health Education and Wellness


The University of Scranton through the establishment of the Center for Health Education and Wellness, is committed to assisting every member of the community in the development of self responsibility and responsible decision making. Wellness is a continuous, active process - not a single life event or achievement. It is a process of becoming aware of the different areas of your life, identifying the areas that need improvement, and then making choices that will help you attain a higher level of health and well-being. 


Homepage:  http://www.scranton.edu/studentlife/studentaffairs/chew/index.shtml


Office of Multicultural Affairs


We're building a diverse community at the University of Scranton because it's a part of our mission and our identity. We share in an educational tradition that began over 450 years ago when Saint Ignatius Loyola founded the Society of Jesus. From the beginning, the Jesuits welcomed students of diverse backgrounds, races, and religions. This openness grows from the Jesuit belief that we find God in the world with all its rich diversity. 


Homepage: http://matrix.scranton.edu/studentlife/studentaffairs/multicultural-affairs/


Jane Kopas Women’s Center


The purpose of the Campus Women’s Center is to advance an environment in which women and men can live and work together in equality, understanding, and mutual respect. The Center works to increase awareness of gender issues and thus promote personal growth and whole-person development among University students, faculty, and staff.  The Center strengthens the sense of shared purpose throughout the University by addressing gender  issues on campus and working to ensure the integration of women into every facet of the University community.  It contributes to the University’s commitment to community service and social justice by providing leadership and resources on gender issues.


In order to overcome “the legacy of systematic discrimination against women,” described in the Jesuits’ 34th Congregation document, the Center is dedicated to empowering women to reach their fullest potential.  However, it recognizes that gender discrimination adversely affects men and women.  Therefore, we recognize the need for both women and men to work together for gender equality.  The Center respects cultural and racial diversity as an expression of this commitment to equality, working to dismantle the internal and external structures of discrimination in order to develop new models for gender equality and justice. 


Homepage: http://matrix.scranton.edu/studentlife/studentaffairs/jkwc.shtml


Department of Public Safety


Officers of the University of Scranton Department of Public Safety protect life and property, preserve the peace, prevent and repress crime, investigate reported offenses, apprehend offenders, detect and report fire and safety hazards, enforce regulations and laws related to traffic control and provide general public safety services to the University community.  The members of the University of Scranton Department of Public Safety are proud to serve our diverse community. We are committed to being a caring and sensitive public safety organization with the highest of professional standards. 






The Department of Intramurals-Recreation at the University of Scranton seeks to provide a comprehensive program of physical sports activities designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of the University students, faculty, and staff members. Through the intramural programs there are opportunities to learn sports skills for contemporary or lifelong needs; to participate in structured competitive or non-competitive activities; to develop or maintain a measure of physical fitness; to participate in activities for the development of social and emotional fitness and to assist in providing a desirable university atmosphere designed to stimulate, promote, and enhance the formal education process.




Student Life


We consistently hear from students and families that The University of Scranton is a remarkable community. Among the reasons our community is so dynamic and supportive are the range of services and resources we provide and, most importantly, the way in which our students take ownership of their Scranton experience.  On this page, we have assembled links to activities, departments, clubs, organizations, services and resources that are devoted to helping you make the most of your time at Scranton. We have even provided a window into a Day in the Life of two of our students.  


Homepage: http://www.scranton.edu/studentlife/index.shtml


Commuter and Off Campus Affairs


The Commuter and Off-Campus Association is an organization of students under  the direction of the Office of Commuter and Off-Campus Affairs. COCA’s purpose is twofold: to create a harmonious relationship with the University, its students and the community and actively to pursue commuter student concerns and work toward getting all students involved in the life of the University. 


Commuter students are strongly encouraged to use the Hitchhiker’s Guide - a Commuting Handbook to The University of Scranton. The guide was written by commuter students for commuter students. COCA members pride themselves on being positive influences in their neighborhoods. Interested students should contact the COCA Director.




Residence Life


The University of Scranton has invested in buildings, refurbishment, telecommunications networking, residence life staff expansion and related educational services. Why? Because all the national evidence shows that students who live on campus residences get more out of their college years.  As a Jesuit Institution, we focus on your needs as an individual.  Our Residence Life Program is designed to enhance learning and promote responsible living in a supportive community. 


Homepage: http://matrix.scranton.edu/studentlife/studentaffairs/residence-life/


Office of Career Services


The University of Scranton Office of Career Services strives to facilitate the process of career choice by helping students focus on a personal sense of meaning and career direction consistent with their unique talents, aspirations, and vision for living.  Guided by the principles of Jesuit education and aware of the need to impart knowledge that has immediate and long-term value, our personnel assume the roles of advisor, teacher, and mentor. 


Homepage: http://www.scranton.edu/studentlife/studentaffairs/careers/index.shtml


The Office of Equity and Diversity


The Office of Equity and Diversity exists to...
     *Ensure the University's compliance with Stat e and Federal EO and AA laws;
     *Ensure equal opportunity, related to conditions, terms and privileges of
         employment and education;
     *Develop an Affirmative Action Program consistent with contract compliance
     *Provide an internal avenue of redress through the investigation and resolution
         of complaints of unlawful discrimination;
     *Support the University in its proactive recruitment and hiring of under-
         represented women and minorities, and to maintain recruitment and
         retention efforts of minority students;
     *Promote an awareness of, and appreciation for diversity through education
         sponsored programs;
     *Foster mutual respect and understanding among all campus communities and


Homepage:  http://matrix.scranton.edu/academics/provost/equity-diversity/