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About Peer Health Education

CHEW's nationally certified  Peer Health Educators (PHE) produce campus health projects and lead active and informative sessions on alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, sexual assault and other vital health topics. Classroom, outdoor events, organization meetings and trainings are frequent stops for PHE teams. Our peer health educators are responsible for University of Scranton events including: Royal Taps, The Fitness Challenge, Mental Health Awareness Week, Healthier U Day, Mindful Eating Week Alcohol Awareness Week, and many more!

Want to become part of our Peer Health Education Team?

  Interested individuals are required to complete an online application, submit a resume, and participate in a 15-minute interview with the current PHE leaders. Recruitment for Peer Health Educators for the 2017-18 team has been completed as of May 5, 2017.

Applications for our 2018-19 Peer Health Educator team will become available in early Spring 2018. Please check back on our page at a later date for more information.

If you would like to join our email list to receive information on our Peer Health Educator team or would like to join our 2018-19 team, click here!

For more information or questions, please contact

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Here's what current PHEs have to say:

"I love being a PHE leader because I have really bonded with my fellow team members and created fun campus-wide health events. PHE has helped me develop my leadership skills and showed me how important it is to ask for help, and be productive when demands are high." - Mariah '17

"I like being a PHE because I get to work with great individuals. I'm also able to really share my ideas and work with others to see a final product that we've worked on together to promote health and wellness on our campus. I joined the PHE program because I have a strong interest in public health and wanted to help my community lead healthier and happier lifestyles." Doug '17
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"I like being a PHE because I enjoy interacting with students and teaching them about health and wellness. I also love feeling like Oprah when I pass out free items during wellness wagons. Internally I'm like, "you get a stress ball, and you get a stress ball. You all  get stress balls!" - Leandra '18

"I chose to become a PHE because it was a great opportunity to become a part of a leadership team that shared my love of health. Being a PHE has not only provided me with a unique skill set and a great experience, but it has also allowed me to meet a group of amazing individuals that have become family." - Nick '18