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Tobacco Cessation

group support

Quitting is hard. A group can help.

Mindfulness has been shown to be helpful in breaking the habit loop of tobacco addiction. Drop into the Mindfulness Meditation group in 305 Weinberg Memorial Library every Monday at 5pm - 5:30pm in room 305 Weinberg Memorial LIbrary during the semester. For more information contact




Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy made possible through a generous gift from CVS Health. Lozenges, Gum and Patches are available.

Students: make an appointment at Student Health Services (570)941-7667 and request an appointment to get an NRT

Staff and Faculty: NRTs are available at the Leahy Community Health Center in McGurrin Hall. Email or call the Leahy Center at  (570)941-6112 to request NRTs.




Download the Craving to Quit app for a free 3 day demonstration. If you would like to continue, download the application submit to CHEW and get the app for free (a $99 value).

Discover a new era in tobacco cessation utilizing mindfulness and online technology, developed by a Yale psychiatrist and proven to be twice as effective as other cessation programs.

   smoking cessation funding made possible from a generous gift from

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