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Health Coverage

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

The University of Scranton offers individual and/or dependent coverage to employees, with their choice of three different medical plans, all of which have prescription drug, dental and vision components.  Coverage begins on the first day of the first full month of employment.  If the first or second day(s) of the month fall on a weekend then the first workday of the month will be considered the first of the month for the purposes of this section.

Employees may also opt out of health insurance coverage.  The University sponsors an opt out plan that offers cash payments to those full-time employees who waive medical coverage and who provide proof that coverage is provided elsewhere.  Participation in the opt out plan takes effect on the first of the month following election.

Plan election changes may be made during the open enrollment period which takes place during the month of November each year or within 30 days of a qualifying life event. These changes take effect January 1 of each year or on the first of the month following a "qualifying life event." **   

The following cost sheet and outline of benefits are provided as a brief benefit description and are not intended to convey complete benefit policies. Outlines of Coverage (OOC) and other resources available should be utilized to gain a full understanding of the provisions of each benefit.

Active employees may choose from the following medical plans:

A list of BCNEPA participating providers can be searched at:

The BCNEPA Prescription coverage and cost formulary is available at:

Not sure if your preventative care is covered, view the BCNEPA Preventative Schedule

**An example of a qualifying life event could be marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of a child and/or dependent reaches limiting age

Customer Service Contact Information

BCNEPA customer service is the only means of obtaining specific coverage information. The customer service phone number for each plan is:

Health Insurance

  • Website:
  • BlueCare HMO Plus 
    • 1.800.822.8753
    • 1.800.413.1112 (TTY)
  • BlueCare PPO
    • 1.888.338.2211
      1.800.413.1112 (TTY)
  • BlueCare Traditional 
    • 1.800.829.8599
    • 1.866.280.0486 (TTY)

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance