The Army provides ROTC Scholarships based on merit.  Army ROTC scholarships provide full tuition, $1,200 for books and a monthly stipend based on academic grade level.  There are two types of scholarships: High School and College Campus.  Winners of High School-level (four-year and three-year advanced designee) ROTC Scholarships also receive free campus room and board at The University of Scranton.

University freshmen and sophomores, as well as prospective graduate students, can apply for College Campus Scholarships.  Most cadets win a scholarship by their junior year. For additional, contact our Military Science Department by phone at (570) 941-7457, fax (570) 941-4340 or e-mail at

Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC Scholarships provide up to $18,000 in tuition, a monthly stipend and $900 book allowance. Four-year Air Force ROTC recipients also receive free campus room at The University of Scranton. Contact the financial Aid Office for further details.