Learning Management System

The University of Scranton uses Desire2Learn (recently rebranded as Brightspace) as its Learning Management System (LMS).  The ANGEL LMS was retired in the summer of 2014 and is no longer accessible.

Access to D2L
Desire2Learn (D2L) is available now via My.Scranton by clicking on the book icon in the upper right corner, or by navigating to https://desire2learn.scranton.edu. 

ANGEL courses from Fall 2011 through Spring 2014 have been converted to Desire2Learn. You will find these courses under the heading "ANGEL Converted" in your Courses widget; the current courses will be located under the courses' originating department name, followed by the semester. 

If you did not use Desire2Learn in Spring 2014, the course(s) listed in your Courses widget under the department "2014_Spring" will be blank. The course(s) with the content converted from ANGEL will be in "ANGEL Converted".

Copy (rollover) content to D2L

In addition to adding content manually to your current Desire2Learn course, you can copy (rollover) content from a previous course that was converted from ANGEL. Before you copy content, we suggest that you look at this link to see how to adjust the content in a Desire2Learn course that was converted from ANGEL.

To copy course content from another Desire2Learn course, follow these steps:

• Access current blank course;
• Navigate to Edit Course (top right);
• Under Site Resources, click on Import/Export/Copy Components;
• Keep first button checked and click Search for Offering;
• In new window, enter a search term or select the course you want to copy content from;
• Click Add Selected;
• Click Copy All Components. The system will begin the copy process; it may take several minutes for the copy process to complete.

Quizzes Converted From ANGEL

All quizzes in the ANGEL converted courses have also been converted; however, some may need adjustment. More importantly, we encourage you to preview all of your quizzes in Desire2Learn to be sure that all questions/banks/sets, or combinations thereof, deliver correctly and completely with the appropriate point values.

We encourage you to contact the CTLE for any assistance with your Desire2Learn quizzes.