D2L Learning Management System

The University of Scranton uses D2L (formerly known as Desire2Learn) as its Learning Management System (LMS). The following FAQs are provided to answer some of the most common questions about D2L: 

Q: How can instructors get training on D2L?

A: The CTLE will offer numerous workshops throughout the year to prepare instructors to teach with D2L. There will be 2 types of offerings: hands-on format sessions and drop-in "help" sessions. The hands-on sessions will cover the basic functionality of D2L as well as the grade book, discussion forums, assignments, rubrics and assessments. The drop-in workshops will provide one-on-one assistance for developing your courses in D2L. The workshop schedule is available on the CTLE website, on the left navigation bar, or here

Q: How can instructors get help developing courses "from scratch" on D2L?

A: The CTLE has developed a starter course template that instructors can use for the structure and components of a D2L course. Please contact Brian Snapp at (570) 941-4040 for more information. In addition, we offer the following Creating a D2L Course From Scratch design document to assist you.

Q: When do users have access to D2L courses?

A: Instructors have access to their courses when the courses are loaded in the system. Generally, Intersession and Spring courses are loaded near fall course registration and Summer and Fall courses are loaded near spring registration. Students have access three weeks before a semester opens and for two weeks after grades are due. The first access date for students will be shown under the course name in the courses widget and appear as; "Note: Course access starts month day, year 12:00 AM"

Q: How can instructors merge their courses in D2L?

A: From my.scranton.edu, instructors will find the link to merge courses under the Academic Links channel. This link is only used to request merging of MULTIPLE sections of similar D2L courses into one course. You must be the assigned instructor for these courses in order to submit a merge request and the merge will only be in effect for one semester. The request form is open from four weeks prior to the start of a semester until two weeks after a semester starts. The merge process runs at 12 Noon and again at 3:00AM. Contact CTLE if you have any questions regarding the merging of courses.

Q: Who will provide support for instructors using D2L moving forward?

A: As always, the CTLE and ITDA will be available to help make this transition as smooth as possible. Please do not hesitate to call upon us at any time at (570) 941-4038.

Q: Where can instructors find additional information on D2L?

A: Additional information can be found by checking the resources shown below:

Q: What Lecture Capture Systems are supported on campus for use with D2L, and where can I find guidelines for their use?

A: Visit our Lecture Capture Page for more information