LMS Implementation

The University of Scranton is currently in the process of transitioning to ANGEL, as the online Learning Management System (LMS), to Desire2Learn. The following FAQ is provided to answer the most common questions. 

Q: Why is the University of Scranton switching from ANGEL to Desire2Learn?

A: Blackboard is no longer developing ANGEL and will discontinue support for the product. The University has chosen Desire2Learn (D2L) as its next Learning Management System (LMS) after an extensive and in-depth evaluation process by the Learning Management System Evaluation Working Group.

Q: When will D2L be available?

A: D2L is available now via My.Scranton. In My.Scranton, click on the same icon you used to for ANGEL. Next, select the Desire2Learn Learning Environment link. You will see all converted ANGEL courses from Fall 2011 through Fall 2013. 

Q: When and how will ANGEL courses be converted to D2L?

A: Existing ANGEL courses from fall 2011 through summer 2013 will be converted automatically. If you need conversion of an ANGEL course prior to Fall 2011, please use the online D2L Course Conversion Request Form available in My.Scranton, under the Faculty tab.

Q: How can instructors find their converted ANGEL courses in D2L?

A: All ANGEL courses will be placed in their respective semesters in D2L with original CRN numbers.

Q: How can instructors adjust their ANGEL courses for a smoother transition to D2L?

A: Suggestions can be found here

Q: Will student data from ANGEL courses be converted to D2L?

A: Course content from ANGEL will copy over to D2L. However, ANGEL student data will not. We suggest that you backup all grade book, discussion, and dropbox submission data prior to May 31, 2014. More here.

Q: How can instructors get training on D2L?

A: The CTLE will offer numerous workshops in April and May 2014 to prepare you for the switch to D2L. There will be 2 types of offerings: training hands-on sessions and open migration workshops. The hands-on sessions will cover basic functionality of D2L as well as the grade book, discussion forums, and assessments. The open migration workshops will provide one-on-one assistance in adjusting the converted content from ANGEL into D2L. The workshop schedule is available on the CTLE website, on the left navigation bar, or here - http://www.scranton.edu/academics/ctle/workshops/angelworkshops.shtml 

Q: Who will provide support for instructors (a.k.a. save your bacon) during the migration process and for D2L moving forward?

A: As always, the CTLE and ITDA will be available to help make this transition as smooth as possible. Please do not hesitate to call upon us at any time at (570) 941-4038.

Q: Where can instructors find additional information on D2L?

A: Additional information can be found by checking the resources shown below:

Q: Which important dates do I need to know for the implementation?

May 31, 2014 - Final courses taught in ANGEL and Last date of access to ANGEL for students 

July 31, 2014 - Last date of access to ANGEL for Faculty


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