What makes us unique

Student Perspectives

Nate Williams '16, Electrical Engineering
Studying engineering at a Jesuit institution has benefits that you will not find in other engineering curriculums. As a rule of thumb, engineers strive to better the world we live in. This is doubly so for a student at a Jesuit university. Not only do we follow this rule of thumb, but we have an inward drive to help those who do not have the means to help themselves. This ideal is entwined with our studies, helping us to not only become better members of society but better engineers.

Taliessin Wescott '15, Electrical Engineering
Studying as an Electrical Engineering major is about learning the skills to be an Engineer, and more than that the interpersonal/communications skills that allow for a fully rounded person, with maximized effectiveness in both work and life in general. It’s about providing a full background in a diverse set of subjects primarily within the sciences, but in a number of other areas as well such that the student can be successful. It truly feels like the major is designed to make you an excellent problem solver and learner, such that you will be able to rise to challenges, even those you have not encountered before. The biggest word that comes to mind for me is either diversity or flexibility.

Matthew Reynolds '18, Biophysics (Goldwater Scholar)
Because our classes are small, professors can give individual attention to students and challenge them at the appropriate level. The friendly relationships with professors, and with students, have allowed me to thrive.

Joshua Toth '20, Biophysics

I like the flexibility of the Biophysics program most as it allows for a customizable education to fit my specific interests. Apart from the gen. eds., there are not too many specific course requirements which leave lots of space for electives. I like this because I have a wide variety of interests in the sciences and I also feel this sort of mobility is crucial for the field, which is constantly changing as new areas of medicine and technology are explored.