Physics is the study of our universe, from atoms to galaxies, from quarks to baseballs.  Physics covers fields as diverse as astrophysics, which tells us about the structure of stars, to condensed matter physics, which tells how silicon chips work.
Students at our department get a firm education in the fundamentals of physics, and gain research experience in cutting edge labs across the nation in summer REU programs. The faculty here covers a diverse range of expertise: acoustics, optics, solid state experiment and theory, and nuclear theory.
Our physics degree has prepared students for a dazzling array of careers, from Ph.D research, to management in the hi-tech manufacturing, from museum curators to corporate executives to university professors, the list is long. Historically, our graduates in their first years in the workforce are the highest paid compared to their peers in any other department in the University.

The mission of the physics program is to develop knowledgeable and competent physicists who exemplify the humanistic, Catholic and Jesuit traditions of commitment to social justice, service to others, life-long learning, ethical and moral responsibility, and concern for the environment.  The integration of The University of Scranton core curriculum is an essential part of the physics curriculum.  The University core curriculum includes a structured program in theology, philosophy, ethics, and written and oral communication. Roughly half of the credits in the physics program is devoted to physics topics.  

We have made a department that is a pleasant and productive place for students and faculty.