Timothy Cadigan, Assistant Professor

LSC 371, 570-941-4348 Research and Teaching Interests: Responses of the immune system to malaria infection and how these responses change during pregnancy. Changes in the micro-architecture of the placenta brought about by presence of, and stresses induced by, malarial infection. Faculty Student Research Program (FSRP): Effects of acid mine drainage on the ethic micro communities in the Lackawanna River.
Additional Information: Works as a Catholic priest on campus and in the diocese of Scranton, Celebration of the Sacraments, Spiritual Direction and Counseling. Co-moderator of the Students for Life Club.

Michael Carey, Professor

LSC 251, 570-941-7544
Research and Teaching Interests: Sexual selection, mate choice, and parental care in birds and the effects of extra-pair mating and old field succession on breeding biology.
Additional Information: Hiking, canoeing, nature in general, science fiction, and nature photography.

John Conway, Associate Professor

LSC 372, 570-941-6216
Research and Teaching Interests: Honey ant biology in the U.S. and Australia; biology of the thatch mound ant in Colorado.

Kathleen Dwyer, Professor

LSC 352, 570-941-6386
Research and Teaching Interests: Analysis and manipulation of genes involved in pollination, fertilization and development of the plant Arabidopsis thalania
Additional Information: Co-Director of the Catholic Studies Program and BCMB

Tara Fay, Faculty Specialist

LSC 254, 570-941-4395
Research and Teaching Interests: Studied the effects of aging on vascular endothelial function in the Integrative Physiology of Aging Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder

George Gomez, Associate Professor

LSC 395, 570-941-6355
Research and Teaching Interests: Olfaction (avian and human); nerve cell growth and function in vitro; cellular effects of hypoxia and hyperoxia
Additional Information: Core faculty for Neuroscience, BCMB, and Asian Studies Program; served as the project shepherd for the Loyola Science Center construction
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Michael Hardisky, Professor

LSC 394, 570-941-7514
Research and Teaching Interests: Remote sensing, wetlands ecology, production of greenhouse gases (methane and CO2) from globally significant wet biomes.

Gary Kwiecinski, Professor

LSC 292, 570-941-6387
Research and Teaching Interests: Reproductive endocrinology and physiological adaptations of vertebrates, especially mammals; bats biology and biogeography in the Carribean

Erica Lasek-Nesselquist, Assistant Professor

LSC 351, 570-941-7469 Research and Teaching Interests: Evolution of microbial eukaryotes, including genomic, transcriptomic, molecular phylogenetic and population biology analyses

Vince Marshall, Faculty Specialist

LSC 291, 570-941-5439
Dr. Marshall is currently the instructor and coordinator of General Biology Laboratories (Bio 141L/142L)

Christine McDermott, Professor

LSC 373, (570) 941-7506
Research and Teaching Interests: Teaches Genetics and Medical Microbiology

Marc Seid, Assistant Professor

LSC 274, 570-941-7970
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Research and Teaching Interests: Behavioral neurobiology and brain morphology in ants


Robert Smith, Associate Professor

LSC 252, 570 941-6581
Research and Teaching Interests: Plant/animal migration; behavior, ecology, ecophysiology and conservation of Nearctic/Neotropical landbird migrants; physiological linkages between phases of an organism's annual life cycle.
Additional Information: Faculty advisor for the Biology Club and Tri-Beta

Maria Squire, Associate Professor

LSC 253, 570 941-4742
Research and Teaching Interests: Bone biology, Influence of genetics and gender on bone and skeletal mechanosensitivity.
Additional Information: Faculty advisor for Alpha Epsilon Delta

Michael Sulzinski, Professor

LSC 355, 570 941-4306
Research and Teaching Interests: Molecular biology of viruses and bacteria, particularly of plant pathogens.
Additional Information: Core faculty of BCMB

Terrence Sweeney, Professor, Department Chair

LSC 275, 570 941-7623
Research and Teaching Interests: Cardiovascular and microvascular physiology and anatomy, especially related to mammalian testes and ovaries

Daniel Townsend, Professor

LSC 375, 570 941-6217
Research and Teaching Interests: Plant population and community ecology, stream ecology, and behavioral ecology of amphibians

Janice Voltzow, Professor

LSC 255, 570 941-4378
Research and Teaching Interests: Invertebrate functional morphology, focusing mainly on gastropod molluscs. Marine Biology.
Additional Information: Core faculty for Latin American Studies

Robert Waldeck, Associate Professor

LSC 273, 570 941-4378
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Research and Teaching Interests: Neural basis of behavior; modification of synapses and neural circuits under normal and injured conditions.
Additional Information: Faculty advisor for Temple Residency Program; core faculty for Neuroscience

Adjuncts and Part Time Faculty

Sam Alba

General Biology Labs

LSC 214

Elisabete Cruz

Microbiology Labs

LSC 374


Anthony Gillott

Biol 110 and Pathophysiology

LSC 394

Denise Karpowicz

Biol 110 Lecture and Labs

LSC 374

Kimberly Little

Comparative Anatomy Labs

LSC 272

Daniel Savaria

General Biology Labs

LSC 214

Laurie Seid

Biol 110

LSC 272

Amanda Touey

General Physiology Labs

LSC 272



Michelle Langan, Administrative Assistant

LSC 234, 570-941-6117


Renee Giovagnoli, Stockroom Supervisor

LSC 391, 570-941-7558

Stephen "Kibbe" Manning, Caretaker

LSC 090