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The University of Scranton's Police Department offers a full range of public safety services to the University community. Officers patrol both on foot and in vehicles on campus and in the surrounding area 24 hours a day, year round. Student officers patrol on campus, providing building security, acting as a deterrence to crime and performing escorts. Student officers supplement full-time officers at University events.

Our newest vehicle! It's a 2010 Chevrolet Impala with new radios, lights and our new "Police" graphics package. We'll be transitioning from the Ford Escapes to Impalas and soon-to-be announced four wheel drives for bad weather.


Public Safety is changing vehicles. Until recently, officers exclusively drove silver Ford Escapes outfitted with a "Public Safety" graphics package, lights, radios and cages for officer and prisoner safety. As we transition to a full-service police department, black Chevy Impalas and soon-to-be announced four wheel drives will replace the Escapes. 

The decision to change vehicles came about as the result of a committee of officers who reviewed the requirements of the department and the police vehicles currently available. The committee concluded the Chevy Impala met the needs of the department. The first Impala arrived in mid April and was outfitted. It's now serving the University Community.

The new vehicles will provide for greater safety, officer comfort and feature new radios, lighting, lettering and an easier-to-maintain interior.


Every year, a Red Cross-certified trainer recertifies our University officers in CPR/AED use and every third year,in first aid. Several of our officers and Student officers are also Emergency Medical Technicians.Consequently, our police vehicles are equipped with medical trauma supplies, including AEDs, oxygen tanks and other supplies commonly found on ambulances. Officers are trained on the operation of stair chairs used for rescuing handicapped or injured individuals from the upper stories of buildings.

Police vehicles are equipped with lockout kits and battery jump packs. Fire extinguishers are also standard equipment. All of this equipment is available to assist the University community by simply dialing 570-941-7777.