Chief Donald Bergmann

A message from the Chief

Welcome to The University of Scranton, University Police Department site.

On behalf of the dedicated men and women of the University Police Department, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. The University police continue to work toward maintaining a safe atmosphere for the faculty, staff, students and all visitors. This website will provide you with the resources that are available, and give some insight into our role in this academic environment.

Maintaining a safe yet open campus is a unique challenge that requires a shared responsibility between the University police and the University Community. Our success is dependent on our ability to maintain an environment of mutual respect, understanding and cooperation. It is my intention to continue to cultivate the collaborative partnerships that already exist on campus, and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

This is a particularly exciting time as we complete the transition into a full service, law enforcement agency. I look forward to meeting the many challenges that face today's law enforcement agencies. We will be promoting our many changes and upgrades as we move forward in this ongoing process. Your support and input are crucial to our success so we welcome your comments, and suggestions. Please share your ideas by stopping by our office in the Parking Pavilion, we are always available for walk-ins, phone calls or through our interactive website.

Be sure you are part of The University of Scranton emergency notification system so you can be notified of any emergency that may arise on or off campus. Also remain vigilant for our Community Advisories that will be posted on campus and by e-mail to keep you informed of any significant events that you should be aware of.

Donald Bergmann

Chief, University Police
Director of Public Safety