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Most investigations initiated by University officers are completed by the responding officer. When an investigation becomes too involved for the responding officer, the case is forwarded to Public Safety Investigators for follow-up.

Cases investigated range from simple disputes to fights, off-campus incidents, sexual assaults and other cases. Working with the responding officer, the Investigator interviews witnesses and suspects, reviews camera footage, determines if charges should be filed and speaks with the Assistant District Attorney if necessary.

Public Safety Investigators complete background checks on prospective department employees and maintain the department evidence room.

Occasionally, members of the University community have contact with other police departments. Public Safety Investigators are often called on in these instances to provide information or make contact with the individuals.

Public Safety Investigators also work closely with Residence Life Staff and the Office of Student Conduct to resolve incidents that are being handled in-house, offering the same support as in criminal cases.

Public Safety Investigators also participate in arranging and conducting training for Residence Life Staff, the Student Officer Academy and Full-Time officer in-service classes/

From investigating incidents to organizing training, Public Safety Investigators are on the case.