Accessing and Logging into the CMS

You do not need to have special software installed on your computer to use the CMS. Once you have been authorized as a CMS user, you will be able to access the CMS via the My.Scranton portal.  Simply log into your My.Scranton account, and you will see a CMS icon in the top right corner. Click on the CMS icon and you’re there! You will see folders only for areas to which you have access.

Access Checklist Prior to Training

If you are unable to perform one of the following steps or do not see a folder or asset specified, please notify the Technology Support Center of the step in which you are "stuck", so that we can quickly identify and correct any access issues.

  1. Log in to my.scranton.
  2. Locate and click the CMS icon in the upper right corner of your my.scranton portal.
    • Note: if you encounter an Error page, refresh the page (F5 key or CTRL+R).
  3. In the drop-down menu at the top of the CMS, select "" and allow the page to refresh.
  4. Locate the small tab with a red arrow in the upper left corner of the screen, beneath the blue navigation bar and click on it.  You should now see at least one or two folders, starting with a folder called "Base Folder".
  5. If you are an academic department, click on the folder called "academics".  Otherwise, click on your department or division folder (ie: studentlife, hr, admissions).
    • Academic departments will need to review two areas within the folder called "academics":
      • Click on your appropriate college folder (cas, pcps, ksom), then you should find a folder with your department's name.  Some department names have been abbreviated or condensed.
      • Click on the folder called "programs", then you should see at least one folder named after one of your programs.  Most departments will have more than one.  Some program folder names have been abbreviated or condensed.
  6. Once inside your department folder, click on a page (a page will have a square, light blue icon).   On the right side of the screen, a web page should be visible. Above the preview window, you should find the following tabs:
    • View (currently selected)
    • Edit
    • Copy
    • Publish (for Publisher roles only - these will be department chairs and their alternates)
    • Delete
  7. Now you will confirm your access to create new assets (web page, block, etc) and upload files (images, docs, pdfs, etc.). 
  8. Go to the blue navigation bar near the top of the window and click New.
  9. If you are an academic department, locate and click on the folder called "Academics".  Otherwise locate and click on the folder with the name of your department or division (ie: student life, hr, admissions, alumni).
  10. A fly-out should appear with at least the following items (Depending on the features you requested during the planning phase, you may see more):
    • Block
    • New Folder
    • New Page
    • New Visual Breadcrumb
    • Upload A File