Wellness Day Volunteers

Wellness Incentives

Full time faculty and staff as well as part time staff who are half time or more are eligible for wellness incentives. Complete three wellness incentives by 12/31/18 to earn up to $150. Print out the incentive form here.

Wellness Incentives are generally paid monthly. Forms need to be received by the 5th of each month to be  in the second paycheck of the month. 


HIghmark Wellness Profile: Complete the wellness profile on the Highmark BCBS website (www.highmarkbcbs.com). Upon completion, a confirmation email will be sent to the email account you entered into the Highmark BCBS website when you registered. Forward the confirmation email along with your first and last name and Royal ID # to chew@scranton.edu  to get your $50 incentive. For more detailed directions download here.

Alternative Wellness Profile: For those who do not have the University of Scranton insurance, fill out the alternative wellness profile.
Please click here to complete the free HRA and send proof that you completed it  to chew@scranton.edu. You can take the health assessment as a guest without registering. Please feel free to remove any personal health information. Tip: You can skip the sign up and take the health risk assessment as a guest.


Certify you have completed 150 points of the preventive care activities. Submit this form with your Royal ID # to CHEW, 205K the DeNaples Center to receive your $50 incentive. Read more


Earn 150 points through a combination of on and off campus wellness activities to complete Incentive 3. Submit this form with your Royal ID # to CHEW, 205K the DeNaples Center to receive your $50 incentive. Read more

Incentive 2: Preventive Health Care Activities are:

  • Visit with Primary Care Physician this year.    100 points
  • Visit with Dentist this year.    25 points
  • Visit with Eye Doctor this year.    25 points
  • Mammogram (starting at age 40 for women)    25 points
  • Ob/gyn exam    25 points
  • I had a Colonoscopy within the last 9 years. (starting at age 50 for all, every 10 years)     25 points
  • Telephone visit with SwiftMD    25 points
  • I had a Flu Shot within the last year.    25 points
  • I am tobacco free.    25 points

Incentive 3: Some of the available participation activities are:

  • Wellness Day for Faculty & Staff     Up to 60 points
  • Healthier U Day    30 Points
  • CHEW Fitness Challenge     80 points
  • Weight Watchers Series    80 points
  • Craving to Quit/Smoking Cessation    80 points
  • CHEW Wellness Activities     10 points each
  • Weigh-In Wednesdays     10 points each
  •  Meditation      10 points each
  • Gentle and Energizing Yoga     10 points each
  • Healthy Cooking or Nutrition     10 points each
  •   Light Weights & Abs     10 points each 
  •  Dancing with the Staff & Faculty       10 points each
  •   IT Professional Development Workshops     10 points
  •   Physical Activity on or off campus: walking, gardening, running, swimming, etc.   10 hrs=40 points
  •   Other  Wellness Activity    

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