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Wellness Day for Staff and Faculty

wellness Day

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Schedule of Events


  •   Registration and Coffee 1st Floor TDC.  Pick up passport and program material.







2:30pm - 4pm Volleyball



  •   Closing: Hand in passport & evaluation for wellness points, wellness gift & raffle 1st Floor TDC

Workshop Descriptions:
Learn how acupuncture works, what to expect from a treatment and how you can benefit. Acupuncture treats a wide variety of conditions and is becoming integrated into mainstream medicine. Learn from a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist
Maria Wansacz, ND, LAc
10 am, 401 TDC
Ask the Pediatrician:
Learn common questions to ask your pediatrician during your child's yearly visits, reasons to call your pediatrician, and reasons to take your child to the Emergency Room.
April Troy, MD MPH, Pediatrics of Northeastern PA
10am, 11am, 406 TDC
Backyard Bird Feeding:
Tips and suggestions on attracting birds to your yard.
Gary Kostrobala, Wild Birds Unlimited, Kingston, PA
10am, 405 TDC

Basketball Shooting Contest (Horse):
All skill levels welcome.  Prizes will be awarded.
Tim Barrett, The University of Scranton
2pm, The Long Center Gym
Colon Cancer Screening:
It can make a difference: Take an up to date look at colon cancer screening with current recommendations. The program will also discuss colon cancer risk factors, warning signs and symptoms. March is Colo-rectal Cancer Awareness month.
Pat Lawless, Northeast Regional Cancer Institute
1pm, 2pm, 406 TDC
Dancing with the Staff & Faculty:
 Come join your co-workers for a fun activity session while you learn several dances. No need to have a partner.  If you like the class, continue dancing  in the weekly classes on Tuesdays,  Vince Brust, Vince Brust Studios
1pm, The Royals Room, The Byron

Exercise: Tips From a Personal Trainer:
This workshop will briefly discuss the healthy impacts of exercise on life, provide beginner steps to implementing an exercise routine, and deliver some basic resistance training movements.  
Amy Welcome MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Personal Trainer
11am, 407 TDC
2pm, 401 TDC
Gentle Yoga:
Easy class that is especially good for those who want to relax and increase flexibility.  Recommended for beginners and those with prior yoga experience.
Patrice Lawrence, Employee Wellness Program
1pm, The Rose Room (509), Brennan Hall
Health Assessment:
Earn $50 for filling out your online health assessment.  Bring your most recent numbers;  blood pressure, glucose and total cholesterol to enter into your health assessment.  Earn a chance to win an iPad mini.
10am - 4pm
The Student Forum, 2nd Floor TDC
Keynote Address:  Living Well at Any Age:
Dr. Mario Cornacchione, DO, Associate Professor, Regional Education Coordinator, Department of Family, Community & Rural Health at the Commonwealth Medical College.
9am, The McIllhenny Ballroom, The DeNaples Center
Light Weights & Abs:
 Lite Weights & Abs is a fun easy  to follow workout, combining light strength training, aerobics and abdominal exercises.  It is a great way to tone your entire body using light weights and resistance bands. You will burn calories while you strengthen your muscles, heart and lungs. Wear sneakers and workout clothes.
Maribeth Smith, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, The University of Scranton
3 pm, The Royals Room, the Byron
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Learn how to build up your immune system and your energy with this simple set of Qigong exercises. Qigong which has its roots in Chinese medicine, is a practice to cultivate and balance energy.
Rick Schmoyer, Chinese Qigong Center
10am, 509 BRN
1pm, 500 BRN

Restorative Yoga:
Join us to take time to recover from stress or just to relax! This class can be enjoyed by beginners and/or those with prior yoga experience.  This is a perfect class if you are recovering from injury. Props and modifications are offered to support your body and breath. An added emphasis is placed on breathing and relaxation facilitating tension and stress release while learning and practicing yoga.
Abby Slater, Symmetry Studio
2pm, The Rose Room (509), Brennan Hall

Safe Spaces:LGBTQ
Learn about educating people on what it means to be GLBT, what it can be like to "come out", and how you can help GLBT people in your life feel safe, accepted, and respected.
Paul A. Datti, Ph.D., CRC, HS-BCP Assistant Professor and Director B.S., Counseling and Human Services
Tara Fay, M.S., Faculty Specialist, Department of Biology
2pm,405 TDC
3pm, 406 TDC

Save Energy Save $ Come learn about the process of electrical energy purchasing for your home. Learn about the items to watch for when purchasing electricity.
Mark R. Murphy, Director of Sustainability, The University of Scranton
11am, 1pm, 102 BRN
Self Defense:
How to defend yourself in real life situations when being confronted.
Kevin Roginski and Jeff Reese, Gracie JIU Jitsu self NEPA
2pm, The Royals Room, Byron
Supplements and Detoxes; Fact and Fiction:
Learn the facts about supplements and detoxes, what is fact and what is fiction from an holistic nurse practitioner.
Mary Elaine Southard, RN, MSN, AHN-BC, CEO of Integrative Health Consulting and Coaching and Faculty, Nursing Department
11am, 1pm, 405 TDC
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Using your Tuition Benefit:
The Tuition benefit is one of the most significant benefits of working at the University, yet many employees do not take advantage of it.
This workshop will provide an overview of the many ways eligible employees can take advantage of this benefit for themselves, and for their dependents if they are eligible.
Employees can pursue a degree, or learn for their own enrichment or pursue a graduate degree.
Virginia Egan, Academic Advisor, CGCE
Meg Cullen-Brown, Assistant Dean, CGCE  I
10am, 11am, 105 BRN
Come out and show off your volleyball skills on the court for some fun games! All participants are welcome no matter the skill level. We’ll form teams or you can put a team together. Prizes will be given out!
Bobby Hermes of Intramurals and Recreation, The University of Scranton
2:30pm - 4 pm, The Byron Center Gym

Walk the Labyrinth:
Labyrinths are ancient designs that can be found in many of the world's great cathedrals. A growing number of individuals from different faith traditions have rediscovered the Labyrinth as a path to prayer, introspection and healing. Come learn about and experience this walking meditation.
University Mission and Ministry
10am - 2pm, The Byron Center Gym

What Every Parent Should Know: Suicide Prevention:
An overview of Suicide Across the Lifespan, What We Know and Can Do About Suicide Prevention, and resources.
Kathy Wallace,President,  Northeast Suicide Prevention Initiative
10am, 11am, 103 BRN
What's on Your Plate? Tips for Dining Out:
Come learn about nutrition and health. You will discuss the role that eating out at restaurants has on the American diet. Participants will then be dividing into groups and be asked to plan meals from restaurant menus.
Jessica Bachman, PhD, RD, Department of Exercise Science
11am, 1pm, 401 TDC
Work/Life Balance:
There was a time when the boundaries between work and home were fairly clear. Today, however, work is likely to invade your personal life and maintaining work-life balance is no simple task. Join us for this presentation and:
  • Identify what Work/Life balance is and isn’t
  • Identify your personal indicators of an unbalanced life
  • Learn techniques to help restore Work/Life Balance
Ed Fiachi, ENI
11am, 228 BRN
3pm, 407 TDC

Workplace Detox Diet:
A workshop designed to identify unhealthy behaviors and their impact in the workplace.  Discover ways to prevent toxic environments and  encourage cooperation and learn about resources available to assist with issues when they arise.
Jennifer LaPorta, JD, Office of Equity and Diversity
Patricia Tetreault, Interim Vice President for Human Resources
10am, 407 TDC
3pm, 405 TDC
Yoga for Runners:
Yoga for Runners is designed to stretch and strengthen the core, hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors in an effort to keep runners strong and injury-free. Prior yoga experience is helpful, but not required.
Amy Driscoll McNulty, RYT 200, Student Affairs, The University of Scranton
3pm, The Rose Room (509), Brennan Hall

Wellness Apps and Gadgets:
In conjunction with Technology On Your Own Terms, we'll review the latest in wearable technology for monitoring health as well as apps and online tools to help manage your wellness.
Sheli McHugh, Weinberg Memorial Library
3pm, 401 TDC
Wellness Fair
11-2pm, the Fireplace Lounge, 2nd Floor The DeNaples Center
  • NEPA Memory and Alzheimer's Center
  • Blue Health Solutions - Online Health Assessment $50 incentive & chance to win an ipad mini
    • Special Note:  Bring your most recent numbers:  blood pressure, glucose & total Cholesterol to use when filling out the Health Assessment.  The usual screening is not available this year.
  • Body and Soul Massage

  • ENI, employee assistance program

  • Gift of Life Donor program
  • Lackawanna Heritage Valley

  • Lackawanna Recycling

  • Northeast Regional Cancer  Institute

  • Pancreatic  Cancer Action Network Northeastern PA.

  • PNC Bank

  • Scranton Running Company

  • Scranton Social Sports Club

  • The Blind Association

  • Therapy Dogs (11am - 12noon)
  • Windy Woods Massage

  • Living Well Massage

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