The University of Scranton can host up to 2,500 guests in our residence halls, with three distinct styles of housing to choose from: apartment style, suite style, and traditional residence halls. All options are clean, comfortable, offer standard furnishings, and all apartment and suite style buildings are air conditioned. Conference guests can expect to find one more more spacious lounges in each building, which are conducive to holding informal gatherings outside of regular event programming. 

Apartment Style  Housing

Madison Square, Montrone Hall, Mulberry Plaza, Pilarz Hall 
Number of beds: 650
  • Two to five bedrooms and one or two bathrooms per apartment.
  • Common area featuring full kitchen, dining area, and living room.

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Pilarz Hall Apartment Style

Suite Style Housing

Condron Hall, Gavigan Hall, Redington Hall 
Number of beds: 850 

  • Two beds per room, with adjoining bathroom facilities connecting two rooms.
  • Common areas feature kitchens and meeting space. 
  • All three buildings are in close proximity to each other, creating a sense of community among your guests. 

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Suite Style Buildings

Traditional Residence Halls

14 buildings 
Number of Beds: 1,000 (approximate)

  • Two beds per room.
  • Common restroom facilities.
  • A large green and patio area is centrally located around the buildings, offering outdoor meeting space.

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