Events & Exhibits - Spring 1999

Cirque Fantastique Delights the Senses

The air was filled with excitement. The senses were treated to a feast of color and liveliness as guests shared pleasantries amid kaleidoscope decor. With the circus-like atmosphere, you'd never know you were on the top floor of the Weinberg Memorial Library.Cirque Fantastique
The event was Cirque Fantastique, a unique, exceptionally fun, fund-raiser held for the benefit of the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library on October 10, 1998.
"Circus" goers were treated to a funhouse of entertainment - stilt walkers, clowns, organ grinder and monkey, fortune-tellers and tarot card readers, while calliope music set the mood. A sumptuous buffet., prepared by ARA, rounded out the evening. Although there was plenty of laughter and exclamations, a sure sign of success appeared to be the many corporate executives walking around in balloon hats... As the guests departed, they left behind regrets that this fantastique evening had come to a close.
Charles Kratz
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