Services & Policies - Spring 1998

Library Adds Web Pages

The Weinberg Memorial Library web site is adding three new pages. Library Training, Special Collections/University Archives, and Media Services, are all launching their own web pages.
The Library Training page provides a brief explanation of the purpose and benefits of library instruction, also known as bibliographic instruction, and contact information for scheduling a class or for an individual or group appointment. A section on statistics shows the growth in the Library Training program over the past decade. Another part of the Library Training page provides access to 25 research guides for areas like Biblical Studies, International Business, Film Criticism, and Physical Therapy. These guides provide annotated lists of reference sources. The page also provides access to an online self-guided tour of the Library and library floor plans. Finally, there are links to other University pages of related interest. You can reach the Library Training page by menu from the Library Home page or directly at
The Special Collections/University Archives web site discusses the mission of the department and provides information on the types of collections preserved there. There are separate pages for both Special Collections and University Archives that detail their differing roles within the Library and the University. Special Collections preserves and provides access to books and documents of historical and research value that cannot be shelved with regular library material because they are either unique, rare, or of monetary value. University Archives collects official University records of permanent legal or historical value. The Special Collections page provides further links to non-university pages of related interest. Since Special Collections has a rare book collection, links are provided to Internet resources concerning rare books and medieval manuscripts, for instance. As more information about individual collections within the department becomes available it will be added to the page.
The Media Resources Collection (MRC) web page provides information on policies and procedures for accessing the department's substantial media collection. A link to the Library's online public catalog provides access to the collection. An online request form is available to facilitate the process. The page also contains information on previewing, renting, and acquiring new media resources. Finally, the page links to information on copyright and fair use.
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