Information Update - Spring 1998

Charles Kratz, Director of the Weinberg Memorial Library, and Eugene T. Neely, Dean of Libraries at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY recently led a seminar in Riga, Latvia: sponsored by the Association of Latvian Academic Libraries (LATABA). Following is an account of their travels. > Full story
Citing the Internet Site - Revisited
In the Winter 1996 issue of Information Update, I identified World Wide Web sites that gave suggestions on how to cite information obtained from the Web. These sites remain helpful. Since then, however, both the Modern Language Association and the American Psychological Association have developed Web sites that provide guidelines on citing information from the WWW. > Full story
Some Enhancements to FirstSearch
Future Shock is yesterday's news. Nowhere is this more evident than in the evolution of electronic indexes. In the Fall, 1997, issue of Information Update, Betsey Moylan wrote an article entitled "Library Acquires New Database Services" about the evolution of indexes from standalone CD workstations to a LAN CD network accessible from home or office to web-based indexes and full-text journals. > Full story
From the Library Director
Hollywood Looks at the Library
Professionals often complain about the unrealistic way their jobs are portrayed in movies. But what about libraries and librarians in movies? > Full story
You Want What???
The librarians in Desk Set and Party Girl may have had their comic problems trying to decipher the muddled and befuddled reference questions of their patrons, but the misinterpretations, malapropisms, and other assorted mix-ups in these two movies can easily be matched by real life. > Full story
Library Adds Web Pages
In an effort to address the growing needs for computers to use by students in the Weinberg Memorial Library, four new Gateway laptop computers are ready for service in the Library. > Full story
Library Host Watercolor Exhibit
The Weinberg Memorial Library is currently hosting an exhibit of watercolor paintings by W. Wayne Bell of Head of the Harbor, NY. > Full story
Women Come to the Front Exhibit Opens
The Weinberg Memorial Library and the Friends of the Weinberg Library, in conjunction with the University Art Gallery, are pleased to announce the opening of a Library of Congress Traveling Exhibit titled Women Come to the Front: Journalists, Photographers, and Broadcasters During World War II. > Full story
Library to Celebrate Scholarship Month
The Weinberg Memorial Library will celebrate Scholarship Month at the University of Scranton during May 1998 with an exhibition of faculty publication in the Scranton Heritage Room. > Full story
Original Angel Sculpture/Ornament Limited Edition on Sale
The Friends of the Weinberg Library continues with the sale of a few remaining limited edition Original Angel Sculpture/Ornaments designed for the Friends by Lisa Fedon. > Full story
Library Participates in Freshman Seminar
During the fall 1997 semester the Bibliographic Instruction Team embarked on a new venture - participating in the Freshman Seminar course. Thirty-two one-hour sessions were conducted as part of the one-credit seminar course, introduced for the first time this fall. > Full story
Story Magic at Library
On December 14, that ill-tempered Grinch who stole Christmas, the magical train that whisks children off to the North Pole, and of course the sacred dramas of Chanukah and of Christ's birth in Bethlehem came to life once more for some forty children in the Heritage Room of the Weinberg Memorial Library. > Full story
Video Helps DHC Library Orientation
What do you do when the time you have been given for orientation shrinks? Well, you look for innovative ways to cover the same material in a shorter span of time. Every department that participates in orientation has their own sermon to preach of what they know is essential for Dexter Hanley College students to hear. The librarians feel it is important that non-traditional students become familiar with the Library and where information is located, but the walking tour usually lasts 45 to 60 minutes. How could we do it better? > Full story
A Special Thanks to Our Newest Friends
Staff Changes
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