Information Update - Spring 1997

A Special Thanks to Our Newest Friends

We would like to thank the newest members of the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library for their contributions to our library.

Mr. William Bell Mr. George Kahanick & Mrs. Margaret Kahanick
Mr. James Byrne Prof. Ms. Danna MacCorkle
Michelle Casey Msgr. Andrew J. McGowan
Ms. Patricia Chilleri Mr. Timothy J. Mulcahy
Mr. R. M. Curley Ms. Tricia Pahoski
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Curtin Dr. George F. Perry &
Dr. Mary Perry
Rev. Royden B. Davis, S.J. Dr. Susan L. Poulson
Mr. Michael S. DeVivo Mr. Paul Rosenberg & Mrs. Margery G. Rosenberg
Dr. Mary F. Engel Mr. Patrick T. Ryan
Prof. Howard B. Fedrick & Mrs. Mary Anne Fedrick Prof. Dr. Rose Sebastianelli
Ellen Boylan Fick Mr. Corey Tabit
Mr. & Mrs. Murray F. Freeman Ms. Kristine E. Terry
Dr. Brigid C. Frein & Mr. Robert J. Frein Dr. Janice Voltzow &
Mr. Norman Harris Mr. Ned Fetcher
Ms. Ann Hatala  
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition