Information Update - Fall 2011

ProDeo at the Library

One could remark that the ProDeo et Universitate Room on the first floor of the Weinberg Memorial Library is aptly named. The room is dedicated to members of The University of Scranton community who have served for 20 years or longer. This year, two more Weinberg employees have joined the society by completing 20 years of service at the college. Charles Kratz, dean of the library and Mary Fran Galat, cataloging clerk, were inducted into the society on May 20, along with 22 other University employees. Always a festive celebration, this year was no exception. But what is unique is the sheer number of ProDeo members who are also library employees. As of June 2011, the library counts these six additional staffers as ProDeo: Kevin Norris, Magdalene Restuccia, recently retired Annette Kalwaytis, Betsey Moylan, Bonnie Strohl and Sheila Ferraro. Staff who were members prior to their retirement and who often return to the annual dinner to celebrate with their co-workers are Donna Ramos, Karen Heckman, Margaret Craft, Katie Duke, Jill Gorgas, Marianne McTigue, Mildred Norton, Chen Shiao and Jane Wang. One might conclude that working in the Weinberg (and its predecessor Alumni Memorial) Library ensures a long and productive career at the University. I do not think it is merely a coincidence!
Betsey Moylan
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