Information Update - Fall 2011

Library Holds Retreat

The faculty librarians and administrators attended a retreat on May 31 in the DeNaples Center to discuss, evaluate and rewrite the library's tactical plan. The librarians created a vision statement for the library, as well as a revamped mission statement. They also worked on highlighting new goals and objectives for the coming years.
Dean Charles Kratz began the retreat with some remarks and his goals for the day. Associate Dean Bonnie Strohl introduced the major concepts of a tactical plan, vision statement and mission statement. The librarians then completed a worksheet based on Meagan Oakleaf's "Value of Academic Libraries: A Comprehensive Research Review and Report," that highlights the library's areas of service to their universities and where there is room for improvement. From there, the librarians determined their top goals for the coming years and then discussed the objectives needed to meet each goal.
Previous tactical plans did not include a vision statement. However, the librarians felt it would add an outlook toward the future on what we want the library to become. While the mission statement functions as our declaration as to why we exist for the University, the vision statement illustrates our future image and presence in the University community.
Overall, it was a productive day that energized the librarians as they move forward with new technologies, improved services and commitment to serving the University. We hope that you also feel energized when you hear our vision and mission Statements.
Vision of the Weinberg Memorial Library
The Weinberg Memorial Library will be the University community's premier portal to knowledge for innovative and collaborative lifelong learning. Our commitment to excellence will permeate the diverse intellectual and social life of The University of Scranton.
Mission of the Weinberg Memorial Library
The University of Scranton's Weinberg Memorial Library provides superior resources, services and programs that meet the dynamic scholarly, cultural and social endeavors of the University and the community at large. We are committed to a culture of innovation, assessment and sustainability through the support of teaching and learning. We preserve and promote the history of the University and provide access to rare cultural resources.
Sheli McHugh
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