Service & Policies - Fall 2008

Do You IM?

Because so do we. That's right, the Weinberg Memorial Library's evening reference librarians are available to answer your questions through all of the major IM service providers. These include AIM, Yahoo, MSN and Google. Our screen name is uofsrefdesk. So this means if you IM using AIM or Yahoo, add our screen name to your buddy list. If you chat using MSN, you'll want to add us as, and if you chat using Google you'll add to your IM contacts.
Let me create a scenario for you that may help articulate just how useful this service will be. Do you ever find yourself in your room at night working on your latest assignment or paper, trying to use our library's website, but not sure about how to do something that will make your homework that much easier? It's possible you are also chatting with your friends on IM while you're doing this. As tempting as it may be to just give up on the assignment for the night, you know this will throw off your whole homework plan, which is never good. Or, if you don't have a homework plan, this means the assignment is probably due tomorrow (or very soon!), in which case your situation may be rather dire. What to do? Well, if we're on your buddy list, just shoot uofsrefdesk a quick message with your question, and we'll be more than happy to help you out. It really is that simple.
We'll be signed in Sunday-Friday, 4-10pm, ready and eager to answer your questions.
Add us to your buddy list. Give us a try. We promise you won't be disappointed.
Donna Mazziotti
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