Information Update - Fall 2008

Windhover Yearbook Now Online

Thanks to the generosity of The Friends of Weinberg Library the Hill-Davis Jesuit rare book collection continues to grow. The Friends acquired three titles for the collection this year.
Jesuitische Gehaime Gruntsuppe. Welche in Dreyen Italiänischen Schrifften ans Liecht Kommen…, 1619 is the first anti-Jesuit tract we have acquired for the collection. The book contains purportedly intercepted conspiratorial secret letters among Jesuits at the beginning of the 30 Years' War.
Exercicios Espirituales de San Ignacio Acomodados a el Estado, y Profession Religiosa, de las Señoras Virgenes..., 1695 is an early Mexican printing of St. Ignatius's Spiritual Exercises which was adapted for the use of young women.
Ioannis Maldonati Societatis Iesu Theologi : Commentarii in Qvatvor Evangelistas, 1596 is a first edition of an important commentary on the Vulgate Gospels. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Maldonado was "superior to most exegetes of his time and inferior to none." This large folio is bound in pigskin decorated with figures representing virtues.
Special Collections purchased Scintillae Ignatianae, Sive Sancti Ignatii de Loyola, Societatis Jesu Fundatoris R. P. Gabrielem Hervenesi, 1756. Scintillae Ignatianae is the first printing in Mexico of this compilation of the essential thoughts of St. Ignatius. This limited printing was apparently done specifically for the Mexican Jesuit community. Only two other United States libraries have this item in their catalogs.
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