Information Update - Fall 2008

Friends Gifts Purchases

This year, the Friends of the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Memorial Library gave a gift of over $5200 to the Library. The gift has enabled the purchase of the following 57 titles:
Adams, Henry.
The Education of Henry Adams : A Centennial Version. Boston : Massachusetts Historical Society ; Charlottesville : Distributed by the University of Virginia Press, 2007.
Call no.: E175.5.A2 A3 2007.
Alpert, Michelle J. and Saul Wisnia.
Spinal Cord Injury and the Family : A New Guide. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2008.
Call no.: RD594.3 .A47 2008.
Anawalt, Patricia Rieff. The Worldwide History of Dress.
New York : Thames & Hudson, 2007.
Call no.: GT511 .A63 2007.
Anheier, Helmut K. and Yudhishthir Raj Isar, editors.
Conflicts and Tensions. Los Angeles : SAGE, 2007.
Call no.: HM1211 .C659 2007.
Barrett, Deirdre and Patrick McNamara, editors.
The New Science of Dreaming. Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, 2007.
Call no.: BF1078 .N454 2007.
Barrett, Paul M. American Islam :
The Struggle for the Soul of a Religion.
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007.
Call no.: BP67.U6 B37 2007.
Barry, Kathleen M.
Femininity in Flight : A History of Flight Attendants.
Durham : Duke University Press, 2007.
Call no.: HD6073.A432 U62 2007.
Boguslawski, Steven C.
Thomas Aquinas on the Jews : Insights into His Commentary on Romans 9-11. Mahwah, N.J. : Paulist Press, c2008.
Call no.: BM535 .B594 2008.
Bray, Kingsley M.
Crazy Horse : A Lakota Life. Norman : University of Oklahoma, c2006.
Call no.: E99.O3 C72163 2006.
Byman, Daniel.
The Five Front War : The Better Way to Fight Global Jihad.
Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2008.
Call no.: HV6431 .B963 2008.
Curran, Charles E.
Catholic Moral Theology in the United States : A History.
Washington, D.C. : Georgetown University Press, c2008.
Call no.: BJ1249 .C78 2008.
Densmore, Ann E.
Helping Children with Autism Become More Social : 76 Ways to Use Narrative Play. Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2007.
Call no.: RJ506.A9 D454 2007.
Doherty, Brian.
Radicals for Capitalism : A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement.
New York : PublicAffairs, c2007.
Call no.: JC599.U5 D64 2007.
Doniger, Wendy, consulting editor.
Britannica Encyclopedia of World Religions.
Chicago, IL : Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., c2006.
Call no.: BL31 .B75 2006.
Ferguson, Robert A.
The Trial in American Life.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, c2007.
Call no.: KF220 .F39 2007.
Fischer, Claude S. and Michael Hout.
Century of Difference : How America Changed in the Last One Hundred Years.
New York : Russell Sage Foundation, c2006.
Call no.: E741 .F49 2006.
Fleming, David. Breaker Boys :
The NFL's Greatest Team and the Stolen 1925 Championship.
New York, N.Y. : ESPN Books, c2007.
Call no.: GV956.P68 F54 2007.
Fredrickson, George M.
Big Enough to be Inconsistent : Abraham Lincoln Confronts Slavery and Race. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2008.
Call no.: E457.2 .F786 2008.
Fritzsche, Peter.
Life and Death in the Third Reich.
Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2008.
Call no.: DD256.5 .F747 2008.
Gaskin, Margaret. Blitz :
The Story of December 29, 1940.
Orlando, Fla. : Harcourt, [2006].
Call no.: D760.8.L7 G38 2006.
Grace Gerald and Joseph O'Keefe, editors.
International Handbook of Catholic Education : Challenges for School Systems in the 21st Century.
Dordrecht ; [London] : Springer, c2007.
Call no.: LC473 .I58 2007.
Grinker, Roy Richard.
Unstrange Minds : Remapping the World of Autism.
New York : Basic Books, c2007.
Call no.: RC553.A88 G75 2007.
Hanson, Jarice. 24/7 :
How Cell Phones and the Internet Change the Way We Live, Work, and Play. Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2007.
Call no.: HE9713 .H365 2007.
Harland-Jacobs, Jessica.
Builders of Empire : Freemasons and British Imperialism, 1717-1927.
Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2007.
Call no.: HS595.S5 .H37 2007.
Hoeveler, J. David. The Evolutionists : American Thinkers Confront Charles Darwin, 1860-1920.
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, c2007.
Call no.: QH361 .H64 2007.
Hollis, James. Why Good People Do Bad Things : Understanding Our Darker Selves. New York : Gotham, c2007.
Call no.: BF175.5.S55 H65 2007.
Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint.
Scintillae Ignatianae, Sive Sancti Ignatii de Loyola, Societatis Jesu Fundatoris Apophtegmata[!] Sacra, per Singulos Anni dies Distributa, et Ulteriori Considerationi Proposita per R.P. Gabrielem Hevenesi ...
Mexici : ex Regalis & antiq. divi Ildefonsi collegij typis, 1756.
Call no.: Archives and Special Collections. BX2179.L7 A2 1756.
Jalal, Ayesha. Partisans of Allah : Jihad in South Asia.
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2008.
Call no.: BP182 .J34 2008.
Kasinitz, Philip, et al.
Inheriting the City : The Children of Immigrants Come of Age.
New York : Russell Sage Foundation ; Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2008.
Call no.: JV6600 .I64 2008.
Kilbride, Daniel.
An American Aristocracy : Southern Planters in Antebellum Philadelphia.
Columbia, S.C. : University of South Carolina Press, c2006.
Call no.: F158.44 .K55 2006.
Kleinberg, Aviad M.
Flesh Made Word : Saints' Stories and the Western.
Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2008.
Call no.: BX4655.3 .K5413 2008.
Koretz, Daniel M.
Measuring Up : What Educational Testing Really Tells Us.
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2008.
Call no.: LB3051 .K667 2008.
Kort, Michael.
The Columbia Guide to Hiroshima and the Bomb.
New York : Columbia University Press, c2007.
Call no.: D767.25.H6 K68 2007.
LeMay, Michael C.
Guarding the Gates : Immigration and National Security.
Westport, Conn. : Praeger Security International, 2006.
Call no.: JV6450 .L46 2006.
Levine, James E.
Learning From Behavior : How to Understand and Help "Challenging" Children in School.
Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, c2007.
Call no.: LC4031 .L455 2007.
Lundberg-Love, Paula K. and Shelly L. Marmion, editors.
"Intimate" Violence Against Women : When Spouses, Partners, or Lovers Attack. Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2006.
Call no.: HV6250.4.W65 I574 2006.
Maldonado, Juan de.
Ioannis Maldonati Societatis Iesu Theologi : Commentarii in Quattuor [sic] Evangelistas.
Mussiponti [Pont-a-Mousson] : S. Mercatoris, 1596-1597.
Call no.: Archives and Special Collections. BS2555.A2 M24 1596.
McFadden, Lucy-Ann, Paul R. Weissman, and Torrence V. Johnson. Encyclopedia of the Solar System.
San Diego, CA : Academic Press, 2007.
Call no.: QB501 .E53 2007.
Metheny, Karen Bescherer.
From the Miners' Doublehouse : Archaeology and Landscape in a Pennsylvania Coal Company Town.
Knoxville : University of Tennessee Press, c2007.
Call no.: F159.H475 M37 2007.
Moghaddam, Fathali M.
From the Terrorists' Point of View : What They Experience and Why They Come to Destroy.
Westport, Conn. : Praeger Security International, 2006.
Call no.: HV6432 .M62 2006.
Myers, Dowell. Immigrants and Boomers : Forging a New Social Contract for the Future of America.
New York : Russell Sage Foundation, c2007.
Call no.: JV6471 .M94 2007.
Newton, Michael.
The Ku Klux Klan : History, Organization, Language, Influence and Activities of America's Most Notorious Secret Society.
Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2007.
Call no.: HS2330.K63 N494 2007.
O'Toole, James M.
The Faithful : A History of Catholics in America.
Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2008.
Call no.: BX1406.3 .O79 2008.
Paludi, Michele A. and Presha E. Neidermeyer, editors.
Work, Life, and Family Imbalance : How to Level the Playing Field.
Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2007.
Call no.: HD4904.25 .W735 2007.
Plante, Lori G.
Bleeding to Ease the Pain : Cutting, Self-injury, and the Adolescent Search for Self.
Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2007.
Call no.: RJ506.S44 P43 2007.
Polastron, Lucien X.
Books on Fire : The Destruction of Libraries Throughout History.
Rochester, Vt. : Inner Traditions, 2007.
Call no.: Z721 .P5613 2007.
Richards, J. Stuart.
Death in the Mines : Disasters and Rescues in the Anthracite Coal Fields of Pennsylvania.
Charleston, SC : History Press, c2007.
Call no.: TN805.P4 R49 2007.
Rieder, Jonathan. The Word of the Lord is Upon Me : The Righteous Performance of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2008.
Call no.: E185.97.K5 R54 2008.
Rodriguez, Junius P., editor.
Slavery in the United States : A Social, Political, and Historical Encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2007.
Call no.: E441 .S635 2007.
Rondilla, Joanne L. and Paul Spickard.
Is Lighter Better? : Skin-Tone Discrimination Among Asian Americans.
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2007.
Call no.: E184.A75 R66 2007.
Ruggiero, Guido.
Machiavelli in Love : Sex, Self, and Society in the Italian Renaissance.
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007.
Call no.: HQ18.I8 I834 2007.
Safford, Philip L. and Elizabeth J. Safford, editors.
Children with Disabilities in America : A Historical Handbook and Guide.
Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2006.
Call no.: HV888.5 .D57 2006
Satin, Morton.
Death in the Pot : The Impact of Food Poisoning on History.
Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2007.
Call no.: RC143 .S28 2007.
Swain, Carol M., editor.
Debating Immigration.
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007.
Call no.: JV6483 .D423 2007
United Nations Development Programme, Regional Bureau for Arab States. The Arab Human Development Report 2005 : Towards the Rise of Women in the Arab World. New York : United Nations Development Programme, Regional Bureau for Arab States, c2006.
Call no.: HN766.A85 A73 2005.
Wagner, Tamara S. and Narin Hassan, editors.
Consuming Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century : Narratives of Consumption, 1700-1900.
Lanham, MD : Lexington Books, c2007.
Call no.: GT2850 .C63 2007.
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition