Information Update - Fall 2008

Introducing the Weinberg Memorial Library Blog: Infospot

This summer, the Weinberg Memorial Library has ventured into the world of blogging. It's our ongoing goal to make sure the members of the University community have continual and easy access to the information that matters to them. We're always looking for new and effective ways to communicate with our library users, and creating a library blog is our latest and most exciting undertaking to this end.
The blog is called Infospot: Your One-Stop Spot for Weinberg Memorial Library News and Activities. It can be found at the following URL:
And beginning in Fall 2008, there will be a link to the blog on the library home page, in the right-hand menu of links. As for what the blog is all about, it's very simple. The mission of Infospot is to give our library users the "information they need and want, on the spot. Period." And because it's a blog, this means that comments are welcome and encouraged. We want to have a conversation with you about the library, and we're hoping that Infospot will be yet another opportunity for us to do this. The blog authors are the librarians that help you every day in the library to find what you need for your assignments and research interests. As such, they know what is valuable to you, and what is not. The blog will be a place to bring together information we know will help you, and to do so in a fun and relaxed manner. We started posting to the blog in earnest in June 2008, so we recommend that you take a look at the posts from this summer. You'll notice information about changes in the library, as well as exhibits and activities that went down this summer, which we think you'll be interested in reading about. In addition, we plan to post any changes in library hours to the blog as soon as we know them, or right around when the changes will kick into effect - a good example of this is around finals when we are open for extended hours. So if there's something about the library that you want to know, taking a quick look at the blog might be the most efficient way to find it out. Other kinds of posts to look for include pointing you in the direction of valuable and useful websites, highlighting library resources we think you'd benefit from knowing about, changes in library policy, exciting new library services that will make your life easier, and any other information we know you'd want to know on the spot. So, check us out at the URL above. (Tip: bookmarking the blog URL will make it super-accessible to you in the future!) Or take a look via the link on the library home page. Look around, leave a comment, and let us know you stopped by… We look forward to hearing from you!

Donna Mazziotti

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