Research Tools - Fall 2003

Mergent Online for Business Research

The Weinberg Library has recently begun a subscription to the Mergent Online Database. Several faculty members in the Kania School of Management previewed this product during the spring 2003 semester and recommended the purchase. This product will replace the Thompson Disclosure Global Access database. The Weinberg Library has a long relationship with the Mergent company, formerly known as Moody's. Company manuals dating back to the 1920's (some housed in reference storage) offer a complete account of the history of American industry. The newest online version of the Mergent manuals offer an extensive library of U.S. Company data, covering 10,000 public companies and their SEC filing. They also include easy-to-access current and historical annual reports on 10,000 U.S. public companies, all in PDF, MS Word, or MS Excel color image format that provide faster download and viewing.
In addition to the U.S. companies, there is an International Company Data section, which allows you to search by country or company and locate timely annual reports on all companies in the International Company Data databases, also available in PDF color formats. Another feature of the new database that will be of interest to the business student is the ability to search based upon a predefined universe of indexes (i.e. S&P 500, Dow 30, Fortune 500).
Finally, users may now display and export company financials, complete with footnotes, a feature especially helpful when understanding accounting procedures and practices within an organization. You may access this product from any PC on campus, or from you home computer via the library's proxy server, which requires a current U of S ID and PIN.
Betsey Moylan
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