Research Tools - Fall 2000

New Reference Books

Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia. Edited by Allan D. Fitzgerald. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdhams, 1999 (REF B655 .Z69 A84 1999)
Starting with an entry under "abortion" and ending with the term "world," this comprehensive 902 page encyclopedia devoted entirely to the life and works of St. Augustine of Hippo traces the influence of Augustine and his ideas on the entire theological and philosophical community since his initial writings appeared in the fourth century A.D. Following the introduction, a grid containing the complete publication history of Augustine's works with abbreviations, titles, editions, and translations is especially helpful for the researcher hoping to track his writings. Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics. Edited by Jeffery Schultz, Kerry Haynie, Anne McCullough, and Andrea Aoki. Phoenix: Oryx Press, 2000. (REF E 184 .A1 E574 2000
This two-volume work addresses the historical and contemporary impact of the four largest minority groups in the United States. Each of the four sections documents the struggles the group has faced in the political process and notes specific legal cases, organizations, and individuals who have contributed to the slow and painful changes in the American political system. Appendices contain speeches, documents and organizations related to the Asian American, Hispanic American, African American, and Native American groups.A bibliography can be found at the end of each entry. Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages. Edited by Norman F. Cantor. New York: Viking, 1999. (REF D 114 .E53 1999) Beautifully illustrated in color, with maps, woodcuts and drawings of people as well as photographs of buildings accompanying a major portion of the entries, this comprehensive work includes numerous cross references and side bars. Geographic and biographic entries dominate the volume. The index contains links to major articles in "red bold" and article titles in bold. Although Western Europe is the primary focus, North and South America, China, Japan, India and Africa are also covered. Editor Cantor is a respected medievalist who has made the subject affordable and accessible to the average reader. Encyclopedia of Gun Control and Gun Rights. Edited by Glenn Utter. Phoenix: Oryx Press, 2000. (REF KF 3941 .A68 U88 2000)Few topics can incite controversy easier than the issue of gun control legislation. The topic, in either a pro or con format, is often the subject of many freshman communication course speeches. This work presents pertinent information in an unbiased format. Following each entry, the editor, a professor of political science at Lamar University, provides a bibliography with books or law cases for further reading. Appendixes include state versions of the Second Amendment, a table of state gun control rules, and a listing of organizations with interests in gun regulations or rights. Constitutional Amendments, 1789 to the Present. Edited by Kris W. Palmer.  Detroit: Gale, 2000. (REF KF 4557 .C665 2000)
The introduction to this 715-page reference work describes the amendment process and clarifies the roles of the president, state legislatures, and the Congress in changing the U.S. Constitution. The work is divided into 27 chapters, covering each of the thus far ratified amendments and listing the political and social forces that led to their ultimate implementation. Chapter 28 lists the failed amendments, those proposed to the states but not ratified. The full text of the Constitution, a glossary, a general biography and a table of cases and a detailed index are found at the end of the book. International Encyclopedia of the Stock Market. Edited by Michael Sheimo. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1999. (REF HG 4551 .I57 1999)
Although the price ($275) is prohibitive for a personal library, this two volume set covers entries ranging from a few paragraphs to more than fifteen pages.  The encyclopedia presents a comprehensive view of the terminology involved in the securities exchanges worldwide, as well as addressing the economic and financial terminology of the industry. Historical coverage such as "Ancient Greece, Banking in" offers a fascinating look, with photographs, of the history of Greek banking. The stock exchange listing for each country is especially helpful to students of foreign commerce. An annotated bibliography and listing of web sites for financial organizations add to its value.

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