Research Tools - Fall 1999

New Version of Library Catalog Is Up

DRA Web2 is here! Online access to the Weinberg Memorial Library's library holdings catalog is now available in its new format. Featuring comprehensive searching capability, the - new version of the web-based catalog is also now capable of what the company terms "fuzzy matching." Previously if someone typed O.Henry as an author search, the system would report no holdings; today, the catalog will rotate the name and suggest Henry, O. as a search term. Similarly, previous searches for the title The Tempest" would have produced no results, and now a suggestion is made to use "Tempest" without the initial article.
The default search in the new web catalog is Keyword. A new feature of the Web 2 is the ability to limit that search to location by type of material. For example, you may limit your search to only audio-visual materials. You may also limit your search by date or date range and language.
As we enhance the system, we will be able to add other databases to allow searching across multiple library catalogs regardless of the location of you, the user. To access WML Web 2, click on Online Public Catalog or for direct web access, the address is
Margaret Craft
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition