Information Update - Fall 1999

Library Assistants' Day Celebrated

Each year on April 22nd library support staff is traditionally recognized for their many contributions in providing library services within their communities throughout the nation. Library assistants' daily efforts in the course of their workday, although invaluable to a library, can easily go unnoticed. Charles Kratz, Director of the Weinberg Memorial Library at the University of Scranton, decided to put aside this one day each year to recognize the efforts of the support staff of the Library. This year's celebration on April 22nd marked the fourth anniversary of our observance of Library Assistants' Day.
Support staff committee members, Annette Kalwaytis, Mary Kovalcin, Kathleen Santarelli and Rita Williams, under the direction of Mr. Kratz, Support Staff Committeework throughout the year to address issues of interest and concern to the library staff. These issues are presented at support staff meetings held during the months when classes are in session and more issues are likely to arise due to heavy utilization of library services and facilities. Specialists in their fields, including faculty, librarians, computer systems specialists, and personnel in library circulation services, media resources, library acquisitions, serials, interlibrary loan and stack maintenance, keep the staff abreast of changing technologies and advances in providing outstanding library services to library patrons. Speakers throughout the University are invited to these support staff meetings and have shared their expertise in various fields such as security issues, self-defense and
ergonomics in the workplace. Library Systems Specialist., Jud White, gives an update on items presented at the university speak-out sessions, and an open forum of questions and library concerns from library staff are addressed by Charles Kratz at the close of the support staff meetings.
This year's Library Assistants' Day began with bunches of colorful balloons decorating the library lobby, along with a poster commemorating the years each library assistant has contributed to the University of Scranton. Noted on the decorated poster were: Carole Boettger with four years of service; Michael Boylan, one year of service; Becky Brolan, one year of service; Maggie Churilla, two years of service; Patricia DeSarno, one year of service; Lori Dolph, three years of service; Sheila Ferraro, eleven years of service; Mary Fran Galat, eight. years of service; Walter Gantz, ten years of service; Jill Gorgas, twenty years of service; Karen Heckman, nine years of service: Annette Kalwaytis, seventeen years of service; Mary Ann Kearns, seven years of service; Mary Kovalcin, one year of service; Marshall Martin, fourteen years of service; Terry McDonald, one year of service; Regina Mira, sixteen years of service; Carol Petrunich, fours years of service Maggie Restuccia, nineteen years of service; John Rowinski, five years of service; Kathleen Santarelli, seven years of service; Helen Weiss, fourteen years of service; Judson White, three years of service; and Rita Williams, two years of service.
Library support staff concluded their celebration with a festive "country picnic" in Room 305. It was one day in a busy year which was greatly appreciated and will be fondly remembered by the support staff of the Weinberg Memorial Library.
Kathleen Santarelli
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