Information Update - Fall 1994

From the Library Director

It gives me great pleasure to announce the formation of Friends of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Memorial Library. The Friends group will work to support efforts to increase collections, to encourage gifts and bequests to the Library and to create interest in its work, its needs and its importance to the future development of the University and the community. Members of our Friends group will enjoy fellowship and friendship with those who value the importance of libraries and learning, and will have a special opportunity to help the University attain its goal of excellence. A 17-member advisory council has been formed to lead the new organization. Rev. Royden Davis, S.J., chairs the council. Karen Blomain is the first vice chair and program chair;
Inaugural Meeting of the Friends of the Library
Connie Sheils is the second vice chair and membership chair; Margaret Craft is secretary; and I will serve as treasurer. The Council had its first meeting on June 20 and is off to a great start. For membership information, please contact my office at 941-4008. The inaugural year of the Friends will run through Dec. 31, 1995. The celebration will open on Sunday, Oct. 23, 1994, with an exciting exhibition and lecture on 19th-century designer William Morris and his Kelmscott Press. The exhibition will feature the private collection of John J. Walsdorf, who more than 25 years ago began a painstaking and often costly search for some of the finest examples of the craft of printing. Mr. Walsdorf's loan of his prize possessions encouraged the Program Committee to seek additional Kelmscott Press books from libraries in the region for exhibition in Scranton. I hope you will share in this special opportunity to savor one of the greatest pleasures of life - collecting books.
Charles Kratz
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