Information Update - Fall 1994

New ILL Cooperation Between Marywood And U. Of S.

The directors of Marywood's Learning Resources Center and the Weinberg Memorial Library, Mary Anne Federick and Charles Kratz, have signed an agreement for cooperative service in document delivery. Under the terms of this agreement, journal articles are faxed between the two libraries within 24 hours. Requests are transmitted via the Internet. and processed by Interlibrary Loan staff at each institution. The service is at no cost to Library users. As a second phase in interlibrary cooperation, the institutions are pursuing the possibility of document delivery via the Internet using ARIEL software. ARIEL is a system developed by the Research Libraries Croup to scan articles, photographs and similar documents and to transmit the resulting electronic images over the Internet to another's ARIEL workstation. lt produces images of greater resolution and quality and is faster, more reliable and less expensive than faxing.
Bonnie Strohl
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition